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Anemia ( American and British English spelling differences number Simplification of ae and oe anaemia and an mia from Gr...
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Procrit 3,715 Ferrous Sulfate 1,168 Slow Fe 941
372,949 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
372,949 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
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Anemia & Iron Binding Capacity Total Normal

22.6% of the posts that mention Iron Binding Capacity Total Normal also mention Anemia (7 posts)
Iron Binding Capacity Total Normal
We found 7 discussions
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" ...A 22yrs old male has c/o tiredness.On examination,he is anemic.lab exam shows hb 9.0 gm TIBC-normal Serumferritin- decreased.plts 160*10 power 9 wbc 4*10 power 9.MCV reduced,MCHC reduced WOF i... "

Post from
" ...TIBC is HIGH in sideroplastic anemia and LOW in ACD is ...produces less transferrin, hence low TIBC, normal saturation.In sideroplastic anemia, the compensatory rxn ot the... "

" ...Normal total Iron, normal TIBC, normal transferrin saturation, normal WBC. ...Hematocrit. Am I iron anemic then, or should I consider upping my B vitamins and f... "

" I am just now exploring low TIBC, normal other?iron studies.? I'm wondering if \"anemia from chronic disease\"? Is?from taking oral iron.? Too much iron can raise the?... "

" Being on iron will make your iron and TIBC normal, especially if you are not actually anemic. Ferritin reflects the iron stored in the liver, and it takes about 3 months of daily iron... "

" ...TIBC ............. low transferrin sat anemia chronic dz: low iron, high ferritin, low TIBC ..........normal transferrin sat thallasemias:normal iron overload:... "

Post from
" Iron defficiency anemia:Fe low but TIBC and transferrin(which ...For sideroblastic anemia:Serum transferrin (and TIBC) normal to low, serum iron normal... "

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