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Anemia ( American and British English spelling differences number Simplification of ae and oe anaemia and an mia from Gr...
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Common Anemia treatments discussed around the web
Procrit 3,679 Ferrous Sulfate 1,165 Slow Fe 940
371,989 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
371,989 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Anemia

Anemia & Epstein Barr Virus

0.86% of the posts that mention Epstein Barr Virus also mention Anemia (79 posts)
Epstein Barr Virus
We found 79 discussions
" ...this alot but I have been anemic and now have the epstein barr virus, but fluid in the ears will... "

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" ...ear ringing? I have a tooth infection. Im on antibotics. ...normal. I have this ear ringing for about ...this alot but I have been anemic and now have the epstein barr virus, but fluid in the... "

" ...that were drawn. The epstein barr virus was apparently from recent exposure. However, I don't remember being sick in the three ...did not indicate I was anemic, so I wasn't placed on additiona... "

" ...getting sock of feeling like crap all of the time, I went to see the doctor - turned out that I was slightly anemic and has signs of Epstein Barr Virus (mono with none of the normal mono... "

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" it is; I had the Epstein-Barr virus (mono) for a year when ...I also have Thalacemia (or the trait for Mediterranean Anemia) and have a weakened immunity from that, too. It... "

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" ...i do however have severe migraines - but I ...patients with MS are also anemic, come from a temperate climate, and had epstein-barr virus. I have not had epstien barr - but an anemic and live in... "

" ...Im going to check out some other ones. He is still anemic, his lymph nodes are swollen and he is showing positive to the epstein barr virus .His monocytes are elevated? Which could also be from... "

" ...asked why I am continually anemic, they just shrugged. Like your Has she ever had Epstein Barr virus? Is that how they described ...she going to take for B12?... "

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" ...You could have the Epstein Barr Virus (disease?) I know there ...(about $15 or so). Have you been checked for anemia? Are there specific times of day your fatigue is worse than others?... "

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" ...thought I was anemic, but he still did nothing when the bloodwork showed that I was. I now have to take monthly B12 shots. I some point, epstein-barr virus, osteoarthristis, cervical ... "

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