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Anastrozole is taken for: Breast Cancer Cancer


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Taken for: Breast Cancer, Cancer
Other names: Arimidex
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Anastrozole (International Nonproprietary Name) (marketed under the trade name Arimidex by AstraZeneca) is an aromatase inhibito...
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Anastrozole for Breast Cancer
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Anastrozole & Biotin

We found 44 discussions
" ...only been on Anastrozole (generic Arimidex) for ...forums about SEs I've read that the supplement Biotin can be helpful for thinning ha... "

" ...taking 5mg (5000mcg) of Biotin since 2005. Took it all through chemo too with oncs blessing but be sure I only take Anastrozole and a small amount of diuretic (because Anastrozole makes m... "

" ...started taking anastrozole in March of this past year. No major side effects but my hair ...then start. My oncologist told me to take biotin which does seem to ...told me about using CoQ10 ... "

" ...knew that some women experienced hair loss as a side effect ...chemo! So when I started the Anastrozole on September 5th, I also started taking Biotin, 500 mg a day. But... "

" Hi Martessa, I am 9-months on Anastrozole and about 6 months in, began noticing hair thining. I am now taking Biotin and using the \"Bosley shampoo/conditioner and special treatment product\"... "

" ...I too have noticed thinning hair. I agree ...changes. I was fine on Tamoxifen but when I switched over to Anastrozole I noticed more ...using Nioxin, taking 3000 mgs of Biotin and also ... "

" Brookside - I had been on Anastrozole for about a month when ...piled up whenever I brushed it. Finally, I started taking Biotin, 1000mg a day. Slowly the massive shedding stopped. My... "

" back. Just as thick as before, even on Anastrozole. I do take Biotin & women's Minoxidil (1X daily) but I was using... "

" ...I have used minoxidil since before treatment lose her hair on Anastrozole about a year into it. It helped her as well. It ...out. I have also been taking biotin since before diagnosis ... "

" on Anastrozole for past 7 months and started noticing a hair thinning too among with other bunch of side effects such as joint pain and stiffness, chronic fatique and insomnia, hot flushes, weig... "

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