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(Anaphylactic shock)
Anaphylaxis is an acute multi-system severe type I hypersensitivity allergic reaction. The term comes from the Greek language words ...
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Common Anaphylaxis treatments discussed around the web
Epipen 3,251 Benadryl 3,079 Piriton 324
53,406 conversations around the web about Anaphylaxis to help you make a decision
53,406 conversations around the web about Anaphylaxis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis & Poison Oak Rash

0.2% of the posts that mention Poison Oak Rash also mention Anaphylaxis (17 posts)
Poison Oak Rash
We found 17 discussions
" the same family as poison oak/ivy. Here's an article that ...rash as \"contact dermititus\". I've had an anaphylactic reaction myself, and fortunately my daughter's... "

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" demand rhus tox has already been exposed to poison oak allergy sometime in the past. ...homeopathy remedy) result in anaphylaxis as it would become ...had any kind of poison oak/ivy exposu... "

" ...of damping down additional reactivity in the wake of anaphylaxis, while theoretical, it seems pretty sound. Steroids themselves are ...of occasions to battle protracted anaphylaxis from poi... "

" ...during w/d that looked like poison oak but not, and I do ...looking and I did get a rash on the back of The whole thing did \"feel\" like some kind of anaphylactic reaction...but in my... "

" though are that I am apparently allergic to Boxer slobber as ...hives, stop breathing and die. Anaphylaxis is fun . . . ...allergic to poison ivy or poison oak so I guess I have... "

" ...were typing that post you obviously are not allergic... anaphylactic shock is a scary thing.... Between poison oak, wasps.. and detours on route 147... I'm glad I'm... "

" ...skeptical, but given how much poison oak sucked the last time i ...would do something. Of course that something could be anaphylactic shock if you were really really allergic, but if so... "

" ...By the next day, I was itching under my chin. This ...reactions to poison ivy and poison oak. Most people who react with ...face and tongue and even anaphylaxis. Another allergy that might c... "

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" ...the antibiotic thing as I suggested that Anita try out cats - no anaphylaxis, please. That does remind me, allergic reaction similar to poison oak after being over-exposed to triple-an... "

" ...flu (good thing, since I am ALLERGIC to the vaccine! One bout of anaphylaxis was enough to convince me ...time I EVER had the flu!) Strep, on the ...USED to immune from poison oak/ivy (use... "

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