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Anal Fissure

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anal fissure is a break or tear in the skin of the anal canal. Anal fissures may be noticed by bright red anal bleeding on the toilet ...
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Common Anal Fissure treatments discussed around the web
Rectogesic 176 Rectiv 40 Glyceryl Trinitrate 28
19,556 conversations around the web about Anal Fissure to help you make a decision
19,556 conversations around the web about Anal Fissure to help you make a decision
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Anal Fissure & Fibroids

0.06% of the posts that mention Anal Fissure also mention Fibroids (11 posts)
Anal Fissure
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" Mommy2, How did your fibroids cause anemia? I have been ...from rectal bleeding due to anal fissures but it doesn't happen enough ...appreciate any info you have about the fibroid/anemia conne... "

Post from
" ...on treating me for an anal fissure (?) since we last spoke, ...Turns out - I have a quarter-sized fibroid cyst on my uterus. I've never had fibroid cysts before so this was... "

" ...have a hysterectomy. I had a myomectomy. I had 3 fibroids. Dr. said one was the size of a golf have to say that my hemorrhoid, polyp and anal fissure caused so much more pain than anything... "

" remove a (very large) fibroid with a significant amount of ...that one, and I've had twilight sedation as well. The only ...doing today?\" \"Oh I just have an anal fissure MY HUSBAND IS HO... "

Post from
" ...problem and Mom with the fibroids and anemia. They thought mine was from anal fissures at first but then learned it was from the fibroids. What I thought was a ...unbelievable. Good luck on yo... "

" ...TAH for large, belly swelling fibroids -largest the size of a ...cystocele AND retrocele repair AND possible bladder sling AND Anal fissure repair and external hemmorroid removal. This sound... "

" ...problems because fof endo, adeno, fibroids, prolapse etc.. I think there ...medical training. To me the anal fissure was worse than the hem pain wise. I was in so much pain I was not even... "

" ...did and also developed the anal fissure. also, i am one of prescription laxative called miralax. it works very gently and you ...i believe. (i, because of fibroids putting pressure ... "

" ...Anal Fissure/Hemmorid Repair at the ...uterus and large fibroids. I'm also plagued with a chronic anal fissure and some moderate ...the discomfort for a long time and allowed things to get ... "

" ...turned out just be an anal fissure. He did my exam, ...uterus was slightly enlarged and mentioned fibroids. He ordered an ultrasound to ...that if it was more than fibroids I would have heard... "

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