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Anal Cancer

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Ask a question
Anal cancer is a type of cancer which arises from the anus, the Anatomical terms of location number Proximal and distal orifice of the...
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7,840 conversations around the web about Anal Cancer to help you make a decision
7,840 conversations around the web about Anal Cancer to help you make a decision
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Anal Cancer & Colposcopy

We found 24 discussions
" ...going through as far as Anal cancer and other cancers caused by come back. I have asked my doctor about anal cancer, throat cancer, head and other areas. I still worry though. I... "

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" Thanks again for the encouragement. My colposcopy was today. The doctor said there may be one ...of the time. I'm still scared about oral or anal cancer risk (sorry if I am being too frank here... "

" ...recently found out I have HPV. I'm guessing I have I just had a colposcopy done and had dysplasia. Now I am worried ...afraid I could possibly develop anal cancer. Does anyone have a... "

" No oficial guidelines for screening anal cancer and precancerous changes are available yet. What is currently ...examination - similar to regular colposcopy - with biospy of the... "

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" ...However, I did not. A colposcopy had to be performed with ...the outside of the body. Anal dysplasia (AIN) and anal cancer is when it has entered the anus. The reason... "

" I believe a vinegar wash/colposcopy can be done on the ...plays a big role in anal cancer in men and women. Not ...anus. Having vaginal, vulval or anal cancer is quite rare, but it... "

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" ...the PAP is positive for HPV, you need to have a colposcopy to see if any warts can be visulized. If ...sent to a colorectal surgeon. OB docs completely ignore this. Anal cancer CAN be... "

" I had a colposcopy today after having my first abnormal pap. He told me that the pap showed atypical ...I be worried about these other cancers such as anal cancer and oral cancer? Should my... "

" men. Penile cancer and anal cancer in men can occur as ...fairly rare. Urologist sometimes use an acetic acid test (saok penis in they do during a colposcopy. This can make it p... "

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" ...and the only thing they can do is with colposcopy to check the outside area of the anus for ...then in my vulvar area. 2) How people with anal cancer do get diagnose? 3) Should I use the same... "

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