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571,519 conversations around the web about Gag to help you make a decision
571,519 conversations around the web about Gag to help you make a decision
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Amputation & Gag

We found 26 discussions
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" fur baby Abby got sick and now we are ...well with pain meds. Unfortunately, amputation and chemo will not make ...look at Mallory's myspace pic. GAG!!! It is of her and... "

" ...years later and thinking of the pain makes me gag. Cut the end of my finger off when someone ...hurts in the cold. god knows how full limb amputees get on. Snapping my calf, leg blackened from... "

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" ...know that feeling you get when you have a cold & the sno.... er swollen & triggering a gag or swollowing reflex? Well, the ...Similar to phantom pain that amputees feel. He says it'll... "

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" ...her, but also saves her from amputation (reason amputation didn't happen is garbled). Remember ...Lynch Private Lynch and family on gag order by Pentagon. You be... "

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" happen to her. Her bone spurs made her too dangerous, ...The pain of the first amputation brought Alexis to fighting consciousness, ...her from turning over. A gag kept her screams suffeci... "

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" ...better. Well it seems to be the same for amputees. Steve lost his legs 20 odd years ago, but ...door shut and the other to use as a gag as he shouts \"I told you's yow make me... "

" ...therfore....\" My complications have run the gamut from retinopathy which required vitrectomy, to the amputation of both legs - ... The amputations have given rise to a running gag with... "

" ...thus if the antibiotics did not work, it would be amputation time. I weighed that up versus having an sideways Andy mate......... now I feel bad about all the... "

" ...they find unacceptable. I gag when I see obesce ...promiscuous. I admit to having unbridled anger at slum lords. Seeing ...and dies a horrible death. Amputation? Blindness? Should they be f... "

" ...all ok (a few gags/chokes at the start!) Just ...9lb said the HV! Its a huge drive they are doing to prevent illness further in life, like blindness, amputation, heart issues....... Well paul... "

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