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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Amoxicillin (International Nonproprietary Name), formerly amoxycillin (British Approved Name), and abbreviated amox, is a ...
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Amoxicillin for Infection
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Does Amoxicillin cause Swollen Lymph Nodes ?

#29 in Amoxicillin discussions - 179 posts discuss Swollen Lymph Nodes with Amoxicillin. Swollen Lymph Nodes is #29 concern in Amoxicillin discussions.
We found 179 discussions
" ...the Pediatrician twice now (trip #1 was for ear pain, which was caused by fluid built up not an EI and trip #2 was for swollen lymph nodes and she was dx'd with strep and given amoxicillin). She... "

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" ...He told me I had a sinus infection and I just took the last of my amoxicillin this morning. There has been no change and I still have swollen lymph nodes and a headache. The swelling... "

" ...4 hard swollen lymph nodes ...E.R they gave me amoxicillian, didn't work, then they suggested claratin-d and still nothing. What can i do for the fluid behind my ear drum and is the swollen lymp... "

" ...I am suffering from swollen lymph nodes on my Hello, I am suffering from swollen lymph nodes on my neck, a ...throat. I am taking amoxicillin, but it is not treating my swollen tongue. It is... "

" ...if you ever had swollen Lymph nodes/glands when you had the ...after a round of amoxicillian. I actually had this bad about 2 years ago. I had swollen glands and flu-like symptoms every 3 mont... "

" I have had a sore throat off and on since ...since March. I have been on amoxicilin, suprax, and now augmentin. my ...not hurt anymore, however, the swollen lymph nodes in my throat wll not... "

" Swollen lymph node behind the ear. Inflammation persisting ...Hello - I have a swollen lymph node behind my left ear. ...a little. I was switched to amoxicillin . I ve almost... "

" ...this year I had swollen lymph nodes at the back of ...suddenly went away. The swollen nodes have returned two weeks ago, along ...returned, so I am now on Amoxicillan. I've had no other h... "

" ...started taking an Amoxicillan/Clavulanate mix for a scalp infection which resulted in swollen lymph nodes. roughly 4 hours after starting taking the meds my glucose readings rose... "

" ...leg pain after taking amoxicillin. Concerned I am reading ...leg pain after taking amoxicillin and mine is the same. He had a swollen lymph-node at his well visit, was prescribed amoxicillin and... "

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