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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Amoxicillin (International Nonproprietary Name), formerly amoxycillin (British Approved Name), and abbreviated amox, is a ...
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Amoxicillin for Infection
63,761 conversations around the web about Amoxicillin to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Amoxicillin and compared it to other Infection medications
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Amoxicillin & Magnesium

We found 81 discussions
" ...If it hurts, it hurts. If someone else doesn't feel it as badly, it's not you being a wimp, it's your brain sending a stronger message. My son went from mostly oblivious if he bumped himself to c... "

" ...Well, my midwife had done the strep b test but ...get penicillin because I am allergic to amoxicillan, but I got an let them give me magnesium for my slightly elevated blood pressure. ... "

" ...I take magnesium without being on antibiotics? ...I was getting dizziness while on amoxicillin so i was taken off of it and ...not taking anibiotics??? Will the magnesium just make my lyme st... "

" ...get one). They put me on Amoxycillin - it did nothing. They put me ...tested me for lyme again, and it was gone, and I was ...and veges). And started taking magnesium and B12 supplements. ... "

" I took amoxicillin with no problem, but when the doc help a lot. My sinus infection was gone within 3 ...I upped the dosage of magnesium and added an herbal tincture... "

"'s hoping the amoxycillin does the trick. if the ...anti biotic. there are specific ones to treat particular strains of infection. also constipation ...a lot about magnesium being o... "

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" ...Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid 500mg/125mg. 3x daily for an early Quincy / Tonsillitis. First 3 doses 4hour apart as booster. First night slept ca.3hours and kept waking up. Second night, i didnt slee... "

" Magnesium or antibiotics interacting? Hi On the 20th ...been sick with bronchitis) and also I have started taking magnesium to help regulate my ...I took were Augmentin (amoxycillin/clavulani... "

" ...joint pain, lethargic feelings; and brain fog. After putting me on an antibiotic (amoxicillin); a few days later I felt well again. The systems ...AG immune from bodywise, Magnesium, fish oil, a... "

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" Magnesium Supp & Antibiotics Hello. I am new to this ...week in addition to B complex. My son has an ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillin for the next 10 days. Can someone tell me... "

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