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/ 172,634 posts
Other Names: Zolpidem   Ambien CR   Stillnox   Stilnoct   Edluar
Zolpidem (Ambien, Stilnox) is a prescription drug used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, as well as some brain dis... Read more on Wikipedia

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Based on 172,634 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
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Treato My Voice
By spamryan
December 1, 2014
spamryan wrote
3 dui's off ambien
never drank much my whole life and no trouble with drugs or the law.....
but when the financial crisis of 08 happened...the progressive disease reared its ugly head.
I got 3 DUI's in 6 months in Santa Monica, all released on my own bail. The worst part is I don't remember one and on one I only blew a .02...no joke.
They are a bad mix....stay away
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By TORRENT PHARM generic of ambien is dangerous
December 1, 2014
TORRENT PHARM generic of ambien is dangerous wrote
I have been getting a generic for AMBIEN called ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE made by QUALITIES PHARM w/no problems for over 5 years. This week RITE AID gave me the generic of ambien for zolpidem tartrate DISTRIBUTED by TORRENT PHARM. This pill is yellow. The one i always took was white. 20 minutes after taking pill i had cotton mouth; then i had severe acid reflex reaction; then i had a headache pain on one side of my brain. This is a sleeping pill but i never slept. i was sick and spent the night trying to figure out what was different in this generic beside the color. While researching the INACTIVE INGREDIENTS section online for all generics, when clicking on TORRENT PHARM inactive ingredients i took me to unrelated ad to buy something or a page that said ERROR/could not be loaded. It took quite a bit of research to find out what the inactiive ingredients were. TORRENT PHARM. is using FERRIL OXIDE RED also know as red iron rust as their inactive ingredient.. something while research online others are allergic to. Because ambien is a controlled substance RITE AID could do nothing once they handed me this new generic for the first time in over 5 years without my consent or my doctors and now they say i am stuck with this toxic ambien for a month...meaning no sleep for me. i must suffer the pharmacies choice. i have another sleepless night to research this and hear your input
you got screwed. you need to see your Dr's boss.
humwit bone  |  January 20, 2015
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By Mark
August 26, 2014
Mark wrote
Sleep Walking
My wife found me in the car, in the driveway, in my underwear.... keys in the ignition... I have NO idea how I got there.. NO MORE AMBIEN FOR ME!!!
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By quelex
August 1, 2014
quelex wrote
Modafinil and Ambien
I took both at the same time with a bottle of wine - feel fab, so relaxed but not tired.
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By sam
April 19, 2014
sam wrote
ambien and sore mouth
Sore mouth after starting this drug, but, best sleep aid there is for me

I never had a sore mouth while taking it, but now after a week of stopping OMGsh my mouth and all my teeth hurt!
Chris  |  August 3, 2014
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January 16, 2014
PJ wrote
Extreme (Dangerous) Sleepiness
I took a Zyrtec tablet about 5:00 pm then a Zolpidem (generic Ambien) at 9:15. Great night of sleeping, but was able to get only just under 7 hours. Suffered extreme tiredness and irritability all day and will NEVER take these two drugs together again. I just didn't think about an interaction.

I had to drive 60 minutes each way to work and the drive home was scary. I probably shouldn't have done it.

Couldn't figure out why the Zolpidem had this effect on me, then I realized I'd taken a Zyrtec as well.

Intense sleepiness and nosebleeds
November 12, 2014
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By Lisa
November 21, 2013
Lisa wrote
The first time I used ambien, I took 2 actually and I was knocked out, I ended up in the hospital cause I did not knew anything, and I real vomited. The next time I took another 2, well I was home and was a bit knocked out but not as much as the last time, still alot of vomiting. And yesterday I took 1 and all I did was vomited, I did not even sleep away. Everytime I took these tablets was because I was frustrated and fed up of life. Fed up living. Anyone know what to do to relieve stress and anxiety. I am so fed up of life and I want help. Are there any tablets or anything?
Smoke weed
John  |  February 12, 2015
Lisa, this sounds like more than a depression for the realm of family and friends, though a listening ear from someone close is still invaluable. I have some questions to ask you before I give the rest of my comments. Respond here that you got this and we can continue this privately.
K  |  April 20, 2014
Lisa, if you are feeling depressed you should reach out to family or friends. Do you have anyone you can talk to?
March 14, 2014
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By Ay_yo_D
November 20, 2013
Ay_yo_D wrote
I'm prescribed both medications I just wanna make that it's safe to take both???
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By When1Was
August 25, 2013
When1Was wrote
Bad Sleep Aid, Great Creativity Aid
I've been on Ambien twice, and both times I only got one month's worth of pills without follow-up, because it's really not that great a drug for me. I need to get in bed about 30 mins after I take it, because if I'm not in bed when the pill kicks in, I probably won't go to bed. And even when I am in bed, sometimes Ambien will convince me to come out and play. When I do come out to play, it's usually great experience. I get inspired to draw, do graphic design, and I even attempted to write a song once (I'm not musically inclined and the end product was like an orchestra of nails scratching down a chalkboard.). But Ambien made me really dedicated to my tasks, down to perfecting every detail, which led to a surprisingly good final product for the graphic design and drawing work.
The reason I'm not too keen on Ambien is because: 1) It's still 50/50 that I'll sleep through the night, 2) It makes me feel like there's a lump in my throat, which caused me to vomit one time, and 3) It can also inspire me to do stupid things, like push between 2 wood crates/boards to get to the back of a closet because something I wanted *might* have been there. It wasn't, and I came out with bloody scratches all over my torso.
I've found it is better to take Ambien on an empty stomach. I am able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. If I take the Ambien on a full stomach it just puts me in a comfortable doze.
August 29, 2014
I have some of the best sex I can't remember on it
Don  |  August 12, 2014
it is that. I've come up with some decent music on it.
June 20, 2014
It is nice to know it help you to do good things. All I do is vomit or get knocked out.
Lisa  |  November 21, 2013
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By Tommy
October 3, 2013
Tommy wrote
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What patients are saying about Ambien

172,634 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
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