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(Dementia Alzheimer s type)
Alzheimer's disease(AD), also called Alzheimer disease, senile dementia of the Alzheimer type, '''primary degenerati...
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Common Alzheimer treatments discussed around the web
Aricept 5,845 Namenda 1,873 Medical Marijuana 1,821
459,888 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
459,888 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
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Alzheimer & Aspiration Pneumonia

4.68% of the posts that mention Aspiration Pneumonia also mention Alzheimer (208 posts)
Aspiration Pneumonia
We found 208 discussions
" ...taking drinks, he then got aspiration pneumonia because the drink went onto ...think this is often how the illness progresses, my Dad had Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, it's very hard to wat... "

" ...urinary tract complications as a form of end stage dementia but there is also some other end stage dementia signs such as aspiration pneumonia, sepsis and other similar infections and one of... "

" ...disease called something like \"Alzheimer's variant of Lewy Body ...for your mother to drink. Liquids can be thickened to prevent aspiration pneumonia. Unfortunately lots of aspiration... "

" Quote: This. Aspiration pneumonia is very common among Alzheimer's ...My FIL currently has Alzheimer's and is in... "

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" ...husband has had a choking cough for 2 ...nothing in his chest.. he is 76chf and dementia. He has had aspiration pneumonia but has no fever... "

" ...person who has end-stage Alzheimer's: * Has lost ...walk without assistance * Has at least one dementia-related medical complication, such as aspiration pneumonia, urinary tract infection, infec... "

" Not to give my grandmother (who had end stage alzheimer's) antibiotic's for her aspiration pneumonia. My grandfather asked my opinion and I told him what I thought. She had forgotten how to... "

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" Sorry for typo A 92-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease has been admitted to the hospital with aspiration pneumonia. He is on a ventilator and has a nasogastric tube in place. He does... "

" ...pneumonia Hi newbie here . mum has aspiration pneumonia , after spending four ...dealing with this.Mum has had Alzheimer's /vascular dementia and Parkinson's for five years her Parkinson's has ... "

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" ...of the damage to his brain caused by the dementia and at risk of aspiration pneumonia. But again, the real issue is that no one ...for DNR rather than his dementia and whatever decreased organ ... "

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