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Lichen Sclerosus

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Ask a question
Lichen sclerosus (LS) (also known as "Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus") is an uncommon disease of unknown cause that results in white p...
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Common Lichen Sclerosus treatments discussed around the web
Clobetasol 156 Dermovate 76 Temovate 31
3,894 conversations around the web about Lichen Sclerosus to help you make a decision
3,894 conversations around the web about Lichen Sclerosus to help you make a decision
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Aloe Vera & Lichen Sclerosus

We found 14 discussions
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" ...I was (mis)? diagnosed with lichen sclerosus two years ago, but now ...I've been using prescribed hydrocortisone cream, aloe vera and steroid cream prescribed for previous genital itching - all ... "

" I have also used aloe vera gel with a little success ease the burning. I am really angry that I have had ...not even told I had lichen sclerosis until I went back to... "

" ...was wondering does anyone suffer from lichen sclerosus? i think i may have no avail; cotton undies, aloe vera works temporarily, no fragrance anything... ...advice even if not for liche... "

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" ...but would like to join in discussions. I have lichen sclerosus and for the last 2 months I've had small ...and sugar and have tried aloe vera gel, propolis and emu oil... "

" ...GP diagnosed lichen sclerosus about September 2005. ... My GP diagnosed lichen sclerosus about September 2005. I ...started to use Aloe Vera gel and straight ...conjunction with the aloe ve... "

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" Vulvar lichen planus and aloe vera or lichen sclerosis and aloe vera you will find reports of ...the studies there were no side effects noted. Also using Cetaphil to wash with in... "

" ...The only thing that works for me is hydrocortisone cream- the mild 1% one to an aloe vera one which seems to ...if it is something like sjorgens/lichen sclerosis, but the treatment f... "

Post from
" be aware of is lichen sclerosus - if you have this ...can lead to vulval skin cancer and again needs treatment from a ...did read is that ingesting aloe vera juice daily can help relieve... "

" ...too. Mine turned out not to be lichen sclerosis or any other 'condition' either. Either way I am itch free now and loving ...trying shaving and perhaps using aloe vera gel or lavende... "

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" ...the problem. Clobetasol can cause other health issues as can Premarin. My doctor was surprised when I told her I was doing my own search on the internet. I belong to a Lichen Sclerosis online... "

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