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Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmles...
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Common Allergies treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 62,221 Zyrtec 25,058 Claritin 22,095
2,496,231 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
2,496,231 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
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Allergies & Root Canal

We found 1,135 discussions
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" ...had problems with my root canal. I was allergic to the temporary dressing that is put in midway during treatment. The throbbing and pain was unbelieveable. The ...was fine after the root canal... "

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" ...reduce Claritin-D's effectiveness? Or is it just a coincidence that I'm having a really bad allergy flare-up and... "

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" ...Is Claritin safe while nursing? 2. Is Flonase safe while nursing? 3. Is novacain safe while nursing? My allergies are... "

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" ...taking the medicine anymore. I had to take them about 3 weeks ago, for root canal treatment (teeth) and allergic nasal blockage. They are antibiotic,... "

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" ...for the pain? I have chronic sinusitis. IME Amoxicillin helps. I am allergic to decongestants, so cant take sudafed, as it gives sever ...tooth that needed a root canal, and into my sinuses,... "

" ...tooth that needed a root canal and it took years 07:36 AM ---------- Quote: it's more likely you have an allergy and if you can eliminate or treat the allergy this would go away. ... "

" ...while taking it after a root canal. I also will avoid Biaxin if at all possible because I'll have to just live on the potty for the entire course of medication (sorry TMI). Honestly, I avoid... "

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" ...and took two of that and still covered,but seem, I see if you have Crohns Disease, ask the dr. first...well I do and my dentist knows that. I am allergic to pennicillin,... "

" ...feel pain and she done root canal with no aneshetic cos I'd in 12 years I was 1st person allergic adrenalin...I know you need it can I say I'm allergic now that's a thought.... "

" ...for the note about the Benadryl. I have been really hard on myself about having to take allergy meds, but the ragweed pollen ...had to have an emergency root canal the day before we were... "

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