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Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmles...
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Common Allergies treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 61,978 Zyrtec 25,010 Claritin 21,981
2,492,174 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
2,492,174 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
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Allergies & Propane

We found 162 discussions
" I have a propane heater (rated for indoor use) ...Just curious because I have asthma / allergie... "

" years ago, before my allergies put a stop to that. ...that uses oil, kerosene? or propan... "

" ...Texas, my allergies have been much worse. Two days last week, I took 4 of the \"once a day, non drowsy\"OTC meds, and two benadryl at night. My allergies are year... "

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" since DS1 was born - we have a propane stove in the kitchen. The kids are VERY good putting up a gate around it. DH had more allergy and breathing problems when we lived in his parent... "

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" ...Yes, I prefer charcoal to propane. TPBM suffers from allergies... "

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" ...heat the barn with propane and we often need to turn on the heat (propane) in the main house. ...far). Further, we have one adult with allergies, so the wood heat ...find that our allergies p... "

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" ...crushes me. Uncontrollable fear of an explosion from my propane furnace. I hate gas and propane. I have nightmares all winter. The side effects or potential allergic reaction to a new... "

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" ...have been other examples of allergies to chemicals. I have ...use in our lives. Propane fumes will make me ...that the manitol in Copaxone causes the skin irritation and possibly t... "

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" ...even w/natural stuff (and my ds has allergies, so that makes it even ...challenging.) So we bought the \"Mosquito Magnet\". It runs on propane, draws the mosquitos in and zaps them (I know... "

" Anytime a fossil fuel (propane, Kerosene, natural gas) is burned ...stuff given off that a lot of people have huge allergic reactions to. Asthma or bronchitis sufferers or the elderly can... "

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