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Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmles...
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Common Allergies treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 62,833 Zyrtec 25,359 Claritin 22,292
2,521,183 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
2,521,183 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
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Allergies & Inflammation

3.9% of the posts that mention Inflammation also mention Allergies (25,328 posts)
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We found 25,316 discussions
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his allergies are causing further inflammation and he...
" ...the tip-started the Motrin this evening- gave him Benadryl too- since I am afraid his allergies are causing further inflammation and he has a... "

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and allergies, and Singulair has helped both problems....
" ...inflammation and allergies, and Singulair has helped both problems. We use Singulair for allergies (it's not an antihistamine but indicated for allergic rhinitis), and ha... "

allergies and inflammation are controlled the better my...
" ...time allergies like others have mentioned and \"Flonase\" spray which my PA says helps with the eye irritation. I still get gritty and sand like particles, but at least my eyes don't feel as tired... "

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feels that my internal inflammation is due to allergies....
" ...flax seed oil, evening primrose, vit e, vits d? Anything that helps the bladder lining or helps recude inflammation? I'll try anything. I have a terrible time with allergies and my doc... "

doctor and they said it was inflammation from my allergies...
" ...swelling up my eustachian tubes. Does anyone have this problem, and if so, what have you done that has helped? I already take hydroxyzine for anxiety, which is also an antihistamine, but I would ... "

inflammatory. It has assisted with reducing inflammation...
" ...allergies. It is one of those deal with the devil situations. However, I have been trying curcumin with the additive 95 to aid absorption. This is really an amazing anti inflammatory. It has a... "

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so I assume it is some inflammed tissues clicking...
" ...but anyway it contains 10 mg of loratadine and seems to do the trick for a long while, at least long enough to let me sleep. I get it when I'm not doing anything, laying down for example and it get... "

huge inflammation issues due to allergies. My docs...
" ...issues due to allergies. My docs checked my blood IgE level year after year, and nothing showed up. I finally got skin tested and I had allergies. Once I started taking an anti-histamine... "

sensitive areas of my onset allergies. what can i do to...
" ...Zyrtec for a week now. It has helped with the sinus pressure, migraines, and difficulty swallowing. Now I have the sensation that something is stuck in my throat. Turns out, a taste bud is overly s... "

by drugs. Yes, I notice that I am able to take less allergy...
" ...for the information. I agree that the inflammatory process caused by allergic reactions can overwhelm the control given by drugs. Yes, I notice that I am able to take less allergy and less asthma... "

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