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Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmles...
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Common Allergies treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 62,247 Zyrtec 25,071 Claritin 22,103
2,497,424 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
2,497,424 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
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Allergies & IgG

We found 6,682 discussions
" ...alternative way to increase IgG if IgG defficiency is inborn issue. They use immunoglobulin treatment. yep, homocysteine is... "

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" ...You may also consider trying to push the methyl cycle, as whoMe puts it. Tanya is our resident expert on mercury detox in general, and chelation in particular. Sonnambula would be great to have in... "

" ...immune system and my IgG total and IgG subclass 1 were low. ...had severe infections. They treat with IVIG which is a blood product from donors and it can cause serious allergic reactions which ... "

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" ...don't help with IgG food allergies. They ...can contribute to the IgG food allergies. So, in the end, products that help heal the gut contribute to helping alleviate the allergies. But I ... "

" ...a food IgG Elisa panel (food alergy ...then I was cured. A constipation problem for many years caused me to have alergies that I also got rid of. There are many other blood tests your doctor cou... "

" ...this IgG test like a blood ...of things I swear I am allergic to that don't come up on tests. Do you have to stay off antihistamines before getting the IgG done? If I'm off Zyrtec more than a da... "

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" ...but I do have IgG food allergies and I ...I just know my allergies were out of control. I was taking Zyrtec and tried all sorts ...constantly sneezing and had a lot of hives. I found some... "

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" ...the INTENT of creating allergies. That is not the ...allergens. Is it an IgG or an IgE response? There are things you can do in any case to help him and prevent further allergies. I feel y... "

" ...much about the IgG tests. Just wanted to say that I have the same problem now - allergies to all the common allergens. I took some prednisone and watched ...did i become allergic to these f... "

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" I have had low IgG and other immunoglobins for at ...will not take insurance. My allergy/immunologist does the blood tests but nobody has any solutions to treat the aches/pain and other immune modu... "

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