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Inflammation (Latin, wikt:en:inflammo number Latin, ?I ignite, set alight?) is part of the complex biological response of Blood ve...
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Common Inflammation treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 23,257 Ibuprofen 18,520 Methotrexate 7,846
636,933 conversations around the web about Inflammation to help you make a decision
636,933 conversations around the web about Inflammation to help you make a decision
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Aldolase & Inflammation

We found 36 discussions
" ...- 42 C-Reactive Protein elevated Aldolase was below normal 0.9 Definently have inflammation going on but not sure know what the low Aldolase means? I know it's a... "

" ...saying that his slightly high Aldolase meant he had inflammation. I only said that it use the term inflammation maybe a little too a manifestation of inflammation too. Anythin... "

" ...slightly elevated aldolase may not mean any inflammation in terms of consistent pathological systemic process. If you cut the finger, you would have inflammation, if you and no inflammati... "

" The Naprosyn you take reduces inflammation, and in between you could take Tylenol. I find Naprosyn works best for the joint pain and Tylenol works for ...check a CK and aldolase level on your blood... "

" ...headaches, if they respond to Ibuprofen, could be treated daily with ...liver. It also controls the inflammation in the thyroid and the ...and muscle enzymes, CK and aldolase, should be teste... "

" ...methotrexate. I'm also now taking 400mg Plaquenil per day but I don't think it's doing anything. I'm back up to 25mg prednisone for the moment. I had been told by my previous Dr. to drop t... "

" My doc requested an aldolase test. That shows inflammation, but not neuro damage. I assume that he'll request more if necessary. The creatine phosphokinase test or... "

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" ...left thigh area does show inflammation. He said that it wasn't but is it possible that there is just inflammation that's why my ALDOLASE was high and not CK because the CK deals... "

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" ...academic center. Blood tests which may be checked include muscle enzymes (CK, and aldolase), and markers of inflammation (sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein ) to begin with. You may need to... "

" addition to steroids and MTX, the docs give rituxan, enbrel ...have an elevated CK or aldolase? If the doc didn't specifically ...diseases (lupus and dermo) have inflammation and rash and... "

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