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Alcohols + Prune Preparation

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82 conversations around the web about Alcohols + Prune Preparation to help you make a decision
82 conversations around the web about Alcohols + Prune Preparation to help you make a decision
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Alcohols & Prune Preparation

We found 82 discussions
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" @Pup4gdb? Lately I've been having prunes with low-fat cottage cheese at post-prandial numbers, but sugar alcohols have always caused them to ...expected. And I think prunes have sorbitol i... "

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" ...(especially sugar-free Twizzlers, which have a ton of sugar alcohols in relation to the the serving size)... though if ...eating too many. Kinda the same reason I eat pr... "

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" Any of the sugar alcohols the -itol things (sorbitol and manitol are some others) you may need to cook apples, pears, peaches, plums/prunes and cherries if they bother you as well.... "

" ...of water, high fiber foods, prunes or wheat bran and exercise The cramping could possibly be related to sugar alcohols or inulin (a fiber). Please give us a call... "

" ...... YAY. After almost a week of Miralax and prunes and whatever else, I found something in my house ...Mentos (65 calories and a nice dose of sugar alcohols) with lunch. Clean as a whistle.... "

" ...the absence of adequate fluide intake, can be constipating. Prunes work for more than one reason. They're naturally rich in sugar alcohols, for instance. But, the fiber... "

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" The sugar alcohols in them can loosen up stools. This can be a good thing or ...see how you do. Other sources of the -itols are fruits like apples, pears, cherries, peaches and plums/prune... "

" ...are eating less food. For constipation, you can try prunes or prune juice or a couple of tablespoons of ...the opposite problem, see if eliminating foods with sugar alcohols... "

" ...very few foods with sugar alcohols (sorbital, malitol, etc). You might ...In addition, the food can be constipating. People eat prunes, take magnesium or drink senna tea (Traditional Medicinal... "

" For me it's gum with sugar alcohols that works. A glass of Metamucil on an empty stomach is helpful and 3-5 prunes daily keeps you pretty regular. Go to the bathroom when you need to,... "

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