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Inner Ear Infection

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Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the inner ear, and a form of unilateral vestibular dysfunction. It derives its name from the Labyr...
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7,966 conversations around the web about Inner Ear Infection to help you make a decision
7,966 conversations around the web about Inner Ear Infection to help you make a decision
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Alcohol & Inner Ear Infection

We found 51 discussions
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" ...pointless). Holden was complaining that his ears hurt last night and ...didn't have an inner ear infection but an outer ...his ear molds with alcohol, every use. She prescribed ear drops fo... "

" ...33 years old and have had this light headedness for almost a year doctor. He first blamed an inner ear infection and told me to give ...thinks it might have been the alcohol that caused... "

" ...had started swimming, given up alcohol and had 7 months of ...was that it was an inner ear infection from swimming. But that seems a residual spacey feeling and sickness feeling that ca... "

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" ...Mushrooms, Salvia, Weed, Alcohol, Uppers, Downers, and ...bandage. I've been (mis)diagnosed with somatoform disorder, GAD, severe depression, agoraphobia, inner ear infection, mono, and more ... "

" put this down to alcohol/drugs... i'd only had 6 glasses ...since it I hav felt dizzy and had a weird ...put it down to an 'inner ear infection' amongst other stuff...but I just... "

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" I also had dizzy spells but they seem ...and didn't sleep well. He doesn't suspect any inner ear infection or neurologic problems. I suspect ...I don't drink coffee nor alcohol and I don'... "

" ...ulna...pain didn't kick in until alcohol wore off Inner ear infection Torn plantar fascia Worst pain... "

" ...Has anyone hear of a vinegar and alcohol mixture in the ears to prevent ear infections? I ...outer ear infection; but an inner ear infectio... "

" ...your ears and you get dizzy. I'm no M.D. but it COULD be signs of an inner ear infection. Can you explain what happens with your GAD? Is ...(I am a drug and alcohol counselor, so I have a... "

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" ...also add some alcohol to help it ...NOT work on an inner ear infection. If you have an inner ear infection and put off seeing ...loss. The vinegar-water or vinegar-water-alcohol solutions wi... "

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