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Air Swallowing

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Aerophagia (var. aerophagy) is a condition that occurs when a person swallows too much air, which goes to the stomach. It causes...
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4,011 conversations around the web about Air Swallowing to help you make a decision
4,011 conversations around the web about Air Swallowing to help you make a decision
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Air Swallowing & Shortness Of Breath

1.75% of the posts that mention Air Swallowing also mention Shortness Of Breath (70 posts)
Air Swallowing
Shortness Of Breath
We found 70 discussions
" ...from me too! My dyspnea includes a perceptible tightening ...nailed my own intermittent dyspnea problem. While I am ...undertreated, as I have noticed a bit of aerophagia recently. ... "

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" I developed major aerophagia (air in the stomach) ...only (never my back). I went to a BiPAP (to cure the aerophagia) with nasal pillows (for ...not. I also had a mouth breathing probl... "

" ...take the mask off, I find that I have trouble breathing normally for a good period of time afterwards. Still having big problems with aerophagia as well. Am I letting air out through my... "

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" ...too and I know what you mean! I get aerophagia (air swallowing), which makes it really hard to breath. If I went to a pcp, they'd swear I... "

" ...4 years and having the aerophagia (the gas like you) and trouble breathing out against the pressure (Dr ...(love it but still get a little aerophagia once in awhile)... I had... "

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" AIR SWALLOWING Its good to see everyone ...twenty four years of asthma i am ...told me today its AIR SWALLOWING thats causing be to be so bloated and causes more breathlessness. Its worse pain... "

" ...after recovering from my first panic attack. Now again, from ...can cause it? I have GERD and been suffering from shortness of breath from a long time. ...too. Though i think aerophagy. Anywa... "
June 20, 2014
I just come home from the ER suffering a panic attack - heart rate 150 the more they wanted to treat me the more I just wanted to come home to my bed not much you can do about it but wait till it passes - try something like a spar or a massage even foot massage hug a pet is good but it will take time good luck!

" ...4 event per hour. I have daily aerophagia- painful bloating in my stomach heart rate up and my chest trying to catch a breath. Now with \"restful\" sleep, could... "

" ...few min ago i was so dizzy from walking to ...a heart attack i cant breath and i swallow air and get aerophagia. if i dont calm ...that helps me. does anybody else get alkalosis and aerophagi... "

" ...a lot of swim experience, but I did the air-swallowing thing sometimes at first. I think it was because ...not rolling enough, so I was short of breath and gulping at the air... "

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