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aggression refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause humiliation, pain, or harm. Ferguson and B...
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Common Aggression treatments discussed around the web
Risperdal 1,149 Risperidone 484 Haldol 116
349,461 conversations around the web about Aggression to help you make a decision
349,461 conversations around the web about Aggression to help you make a decision
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Aggression & Parkinson's Disease

0.09% of the posts that mention Parkinson's Disease also mention Aggression (120 posts)
Parkinson's Disease
We found 120 discussions
" ...welcome to the others. I hope you can get the seizures under control. Post-ictal aggression can be tough for onlookers ...cartoonist for many years, until he developed Parkinsons and was unable... "

" ...parkinsons disease and was ...anxiety, paranoia and aggression. has anybody else felt any of these emotional side effects? "

" I'm dealing with my mother's Parkinson's related dementia. Today, she went mom . She had memory problems in the past because of the Parkinson's. The aggression and paranoia is new in... "

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" ...\"power drugs\" that reduce fatigue, heighten aggression, and diminish human warmth and ...daily Methamphetamine injections to combat his Parkinson's and other health... "

" ...things do like to upset the apple cart. As aggressive behavior in the ALF has featured prominently in my week, ...with my dad (he had Parkinson's) and each time, it took... "

" ...of the items I plan to feature in my \"Parkinson's Toy Store\" is the Everlast free standing punching ball let out any bottled up aggression! I filled the base with... "

" ...for spelling) about 2 years ago to curb over excitement and aggressiveness, this worked well but introduced drug induced Parkinsons (or so we believe) his... "

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" his head! I am on Nardil, and I think it work out dealing with aggression in my dreams. But it ...sure about the connection you are making with Parkinsons. I am much more likely... "

" ...multi infarct). She also has Parkinsons disease and I believe there ...form of dementia related to Parkinsons. I don't suppose we'll ever hoping that the current aggression will be sh... "

" ...He also had some problems with short-term memory loss but these ...hostility, paranoia and aggressive behavior even prior to ...was initially diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. ... "

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