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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: OTC
Advil is a brand of ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Advil is manufactured by Pfizer and has been on the mark...
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Advil for Iritis
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Advil & Iritis

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I've had recurring iritis for several years. Unable to...
" ...iritis for several years. Unable to get to a doctor until Monday I'm getting somewhat better using Advil, though I was only using it to reli... "

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an nsaid to get this iritis under control. This talk of...
" ...twice a day and if that doesn't help get me off steroids, then Dr. Hinkle reccommends methotrexate. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with Naproxen (advil didn;t do anything but take aw... "

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has occasional glaucoma and Iritis for which she is treated...
" ...found that advil has been helping my back where I used to use the vicodin ..I take ...she does have some retinal issues, and macular degeneration . She has occasional glaucoma and Iritis for wh... "

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fifteen days and I don't see any change. I am on pred forte...
" ...of iritis. I have hla-b27. This attack has been going on for fifteen days and I don't see any change. I am on pred forte every ...regular doctor is on vacation and her replacement wants to put m... "

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her) has AS and he recognized iritis immediately. so...
" ...iritis immediately. so we are hopeful that he has at least the right medication for his eyes. trying to get him back in with his arthritis doctor, as he wanted to switch back to Remicade with our... "

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the pain was different than the first time (I took Advil...
" ...Iritis. My first was 5 years ago and it took 2 months to fully clear. Initially, the pain was very intense (the worst I ever encountered) until drops were administered. This time I waited 6 days b... "

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other symptoms of iritis were gone in the first week except...
" ...first week except for that big vision loss. The Vision loss seems to be improving most would be happy with 20/25 as for the double vision its only at night on certain types of lights like a road gr... "

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or pred forte to treat my iritis because my eye no longetr...
" ...iritis because my eye no longetr tolerates the drops very well. It is getting to the point where my eye feels sore after using the drops and I can predict when a bleed is coming. My doctors are n... "

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of my symptoms are similar to Iritis. Is a “micro-tear”...
" ...Advil,” or “wear sunglass,” nothing. Frustrated, I went to a third eye doctor. Again, seeing nothing, he suggested I see my GP and possibly a neurologist. I did both, and now $500 poorer thanks ... "

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had a flare up of Iritis in about a year, but I still...
" drop a day of FML and advil and advised me ...had a flare up of Iritis in about a year, but ...have cronic Scleritis. Before putting me on the Methotrexate, my Doctor wanted to... "

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