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Treato results for Advil and Ephedrine

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Advil or Ephedrine - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By davie
January 9, 2015
davie wrote
Ephedrine # 1 asthma
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By Care Giver
July 2, 2014
Care Giver wrote
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By dumbass
December 16, 2013
dumbass wrote
Ephedrine destroyed my life sooooooooooo bad!
I take two doses of 16mg a day. How the hell can someone take over a thousand lol Obvious drug addicts in general. Someone mentioned Narcanon, stay away from that place. It's a Scientology front group which means it's junk science
Doug  |  January 5, 2015
What dosage do you take and in what form? I have used ephedrine, in combination with caffeine and baby aspirin, on and off over the past several years for weight loss purposes (when I plateau or need a metabolism/energy boost) and have had no side effects other than diminishing effectiveness after longer consecutive periods of use and a lower tolerance for alcohol while taking it. Once in a great while I'll feel a wave of nauseousness if I haven't eaten in some time or am hung over, but it does
December 2, 2014
I know this is an old post, but for anyone else looking for advice, you may want to look in your community for NarcAnon meetings. Drugs can easily ruin people's lives, be they "legal" (alcohol, this) or illegal, and others looking for sobriety may be able to help encourage you and keep you accountable along the way.

Best of luck!
john  |  October 29, 2014
I'm sorry I couldn't get my story to start at the beginning. For some dumbass reason this site will only allow so many characters. Start at the 5th one down and work your way up and they will be in order. So stupid.
August 24, 2014
withdrawals won't be nearly as bad. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that you are most certainly not alone. You got this. Good luck.
August 24, 2014
Could with steel toed boots on. My stomach was extremely cramped and I had severe diarrhea and nausea. I couldn't eat and I couldn't sleep but I made it through those 4 days and told myself that was it. I thought I was going to die. Going cold turkey was absolutely horrible but it is doable. I didn't have a choice because I remained an addict until the last possible second. I know you can get clean if you put your mind to it. Decreasing your dose (tapering) day by day will help and the withdr
August 24, 2014
at the same time so I made the decision to kick the liquor habit before my jail time. That was rough, but let's save that story for another time. I continued my extreme ephedrine habit all the way up until the morning I went to the courthouse for sentencing. I was high when I went to jail that day. Not be able to add more ephedrine throughout the day began to take a toll on me. I started sweating uncontrollably but I was cold and shivering. My hea felt like someone kicked me as hard as they co
August 24, 2014
I was spending almost $1000 a month and this was 10 years so when ephedrine was readily available in local gas stations for cheap. To add insult to injury, I also had a major dependence on alcohol and used to get blackout drunk nearly every single day along with the ephedrine. Anyhow, I got a 2nd DUI because of my reckless behavior and had to do jail time, which was a blessing. Yep, I said it...a blessing. I knew I was going to have a terrible time dealing with the withdrawal of two substance
August 24, 2014
I feel your pain but trust me withdrawals are only temporary. I also suffered from an extreme addiction to ephedrine. I'm not talking about a few pills a day, I mean extreme amounts. I should have been dead. I used to have to take 600 mg just to get myself up and moving, which is a 24 pack of 25mg ephedrine hydrochloride. In a typical day I was ingesting up to 1750mg a day. I rarely slept and when I did it was for an hour or two and then I would wake up to a nice 600mg dose once again. I was s
05mustangGT  |  August 24, 2014
i feel exactly like you self control please this stuff is poison doesnt work i need help i'm going down in a hell hole
sam  |  June 21, 2014
I've also had a whole TON of problems related to ephedrine use. I'm not addicted anymore, but I have a whole ton of health problems...I stopped taking ephedrine almost 4 yrs ago (august will be 4 yrs) and just this past november I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and last week I was diagnosed the CFS. Man you gotta work hard, for doctors to think maybe something IS wrong.

I'm just commenting to say I'm also a DUMBASS, and to give you support in that you can get over this! I'm he
Richard  |  April 1, 2014
I've been taking an ECA stack followed by 2xEC daily for 6 months. A friend of mine has been taking it for years. Neither of us have any side effects thus far aside from looking and feeling great. Do your research on it because it is unlikely to be the cause of these problems you and others are experiencing.
Common sense  |  February 26, 2014
need to have self control, self discipline
February 7, 2014
ephedrine its artificial substance in time paranoia,weak immune system, social phobia are common sides.A friend of mine suicide over this with extreme depression symptoms and i was there taking my first circle.
You have over abused it - Go out as easy and comfortable you feel.
It messed my head 2 it drained my self esteem and my energy .Stop. Take royal jelly, lift weights! spirulina, hippophaes,?3, ur body will recover soon.
Sound therapy,OM etc, exercise social skills.
feel sry after
i will help you 2  |  January 9, 2014
I can help you
Carl  |  January 5, 2014
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