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Advil PM is taken for: Insomnia Pain

Advil PM

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Taken for: Pain, Insomnia
Other names: Motrin PM
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: OTC
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Advil PM for Insomnia
5,188 conversations around the web about Advil PM to help you make a decision
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8 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Advil PM cause Weird Dreams ?

#26 in Advil PM discussions - 9 posts discuss Weird Dreams with Advil PM. Weird Dreams is #26 concern in Advil PM discussions.
We found 9 discussions
" ...had weird dreams too when I took Advil PM. My dr said it worse. He gave me a scrip for Ambien CR and that really helps. I still ... "

" ...not only did I quit hurting, I slept all night for the first time since my surgery. So maybe the getting up early and doing stuff at least helped the sleeplessness. I did have weird dreams from... "

" my room for white noise and that has helped stay asleep. I tried Advil PM but that just made me have weird dreams all night. Maybe it's because we are all so used to being active... "

" ...January when I started to take 2 tablets of Advil PM before bedtime to... "

" ...weeks out,,(TAH BSO) I have the most weird dreams and they don't make any ...the tyelnol pm and advil pm they don't seem to ...a fog most days. (I am guessing from the lack of sleep) Does an... "

" ...i have to take a whole advil pm an 2 work ...fine with just one melatonin at i cycle....but it works for me,,i don't take ...just our (MY) reg weird dreams...thought i ... "

" ...hard time keeping my thoughts straight. I almost feel paranoia. Weird dreams, restlessness, and doubting yourself. It passes in about 5 ...they'll generally help you. Try advil pm or Nyquil if... "

Post from
" ...and inspiring. Thank you!! Valerie, I've tried the Advil PM and the Tylenol PM and, boy, do they give me weird dreams, more like blazing nightmares. I've I'm just taking Advil at night... "

" ...bad that a benadryl or Advil PM doesn't fix. I am still having REALLY weird dreams. They are so vivid that ...often had trouble taking benadryl or any PM ...ledge that I have... swelling ha... "

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