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Adrenal Problems

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(Adrenal disorder)
Adrenal gland disorders (or diseases) are conditions that interfere with the normal functioning of the adrenal glands. They are charac...
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Common Adrenal Problems treatments discussed around the web
Spironolactone 14 Aldactone 4
7,378 conversations around the web about Adrenal Problems to help you make a decision
7,378 conversations around the web about Adrenal Problems to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Adrenal Problems

Adrenal Problems & Hypothyroidism

10.2% of the posts that mention Adrenal Problems also mention Hypothyroidism (753 posts)
Adrenal Problems
We found 753 discussions
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" ...have also adrenal problems which have been treating for a year now. Can low thyroid pull on the adrenals, stressing them out too? Still having a bit of trouble with low blood... "

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" ...much Dr. Fiona. If I can follow up, I would love your thoughts on supplements/treatment for hypothyroid. I plan on ...adrenal issues. I have heard that adrenal problems can mimic hypothyroidi... "

" ...Hi, I'm new here and looking for a good doc to treat hypothyroid/adrenal problems. I'm not sure my current doc knows what she's... "

" ...the reason for feeling so hypo. The alternatives are to take a T4 or combining T4 with a synthetic T3 such as Cytomel. The T4 seemed ...started to notice increasing hypo symptoms and then Adre... "

" ...about being dizzy. I had a real bad dizzy day on Friday and another real bad one today. I kind of have a cold, but now you have me wondering if I have shifted too much. They switched my synthroid... "

" its easy I suffer with adrenal problems and waking a nite like ...diagnosed on the nhs but dr s said I was hypo and now I get my levothyroxine on the nhs and order my armour from the... "

Post from
" ...has retired, I just reviewed labs. I was diagnosed hypopituartary with secondary adrenal problems. I have been treated for hypothyroid for 30 yrs. I have doubled up on t4... "

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" Karen. I am hypo from grave's disease and I ...It doesn't solve all my adrenal problems but I have been getting... "

" ...would recommend reading The Diet Cure by Julia Ross. It is an eye opener in regards to thyroid and adrenal problems so many experience. ...this country, are experiencing hypothyroidism because ... "

" ...been so dry since my health problems (hypothyroid). Once I get better cause now I have a nice side order of adrenal problems to go with the thyroid,... "

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