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Adrenal Insufficiency

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Adrenal insufficiency is a condition in which the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, do not produce adequate amounts of steroi...
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Common Adrenal Insufficiency treatments discussed around the web
Hydrocortisone 820 Dexamethasone 74 Solu Medrol 34
10,666 conversations around the web about Adrenal Insufficiency to help you make a decision
10,666 conversations around the web about Adrenal Insufficiency to help you make a decision
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Adrenal Insufficiency & Creatinine

We found 20 discussions
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" ...polyuria and polydipsia, He has lost weight over the last 2 ...3.5 mEq/L Cl 100 mEq/L Creatinine 1.2 mg/dL Glucose 498 mg/dL ...low plasm renin activity E/ adrenal in... "

" ...combined with Addison's Disease(mine is complete adrenal insufficiency). At the onset of Addison's 6 1/2 years ago my kidneys were failing. (creatinine was around 2.8) (Addison's... "

" ...that you don't have Cushing's, it shows nothing about adrenal insufficiency (low cortisol.) Creatinine could be high if you were... "

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" ...As long as your urine creatinine comes back to normal, and ...of flaring, and her nephrologist has put her on fludrocortisone to treat the adrenal insufficiency. Gosh, I'm having trouble writing... "

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" ...are: Sodium 135 Potassium 3.5 Bicarbonate 11 Chloride 105 Creatinine 1.4 Glucose 500 pH 7.28 PaCO2 42 Q. According ...loss D. Respiratory failure E. Adrenal Insufficienc... "

" ...if you suspect an adrenal insufficiency that you get it know, a chronic adrenal insufficiency can lead to an ...your blood urea nitrogen and creatinine ration within normal limits? Wha... "

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" ...patients with mild renal impairment. Adrenal insufficiency is more classically associated with competitively inhibit proximal tubular creatinine... "

Post from
" ...infection but I didn't think creatinine could spill in the urine I thought the low cortisol was due to adrenal insufficiency so how would that indicate kidney impairment?(I know the... "

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" ...Have they ruled out Addison's disease? That's what made out. Slightly raised Creatinine and protein in the ...symptoms as well. It's basically adrenal insufficiency, and can come on ... "

" ...The doctor wrote normal response. \"No adrenal insufficiency\". Morning serum cortisol was 14 ...waiting on that. Also, my BUN/Creatinine ratio is always high. He... "

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