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Addison's Disease

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(Addison s disease)
Addison?s disease (also chronic adrenal insufficiency, cortisol) is a rare, chronic endocrine disorder where the adrenal glands...
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Common Addison's Disease treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 1,022 Hydrocortisone 929 Florinef 527
21,005 conversations around the web about Addison's Disease to help you make a decision
21,005 conversations around the web about Addison's Disease to help you make a decision
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Addison's Disease & Tachycardia

0.44% of the posts that mention Addison's Disease also mention Tachycardia (93 posts)
Addison's Disease
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We found 93 discussions
" lump under armpit My daughter was diagnosed with Addison's in Jan of this ...old. She also has tachycardia (controlled with Lopressor) and biliary problems. ...a symptom of Addison's. Th... "

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" ...and I have had episodes of tachycardia which our Dr. has ascribed to my Addison's disease and her low adrenal/low thyroid. YUP! Stress an... "

" ...high MCH, low Neutrophils and high Lymphs. normal B12. I have addison s disease, something is wrong. I have rapid heart rate, fatigue, petachie spots, leg pain, orthostatic hypertension. Any idea?... "

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" ...I am type 2 diabetic, on insulin and the injections I get a fast heart beat after which last for ages ...bit scary, I also have addisons disease, underactive thyroid, asthma, arthritis ... "

" ...normally produced by the adrenal system. Missing even one day can instigate an adrenal crisis which causes severe non stop vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia, reduced ability to breath then... "

" ...story sounds like me. My heart rate as a teenager stayed high. I convinced myself everyones did., IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 yrs later I have Addison's. I've seen two endos and... "

" Heart Palpitations I have Addison's Disease and Hashimoto. I take Cortef, Synthroid and Florinef. I get heart palpitations ...Sometimes it is a sporadic increased heart rate (feels like it is ski... "

" ...down I start to get a rapid heartbeat and a tightening of all ...about once a month. It's very bothersome. I have Addison's, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism and pernecious anemia. I also have a... "

" I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Primary Addison's. I do not have ...swell as well. I have a fast heart rate. Just recently I started weak due to the Addison's and being on the steroids f... "

" ...went up a little too,,,the tachycardia became worse. My Cardiologist put me on Lopressor 25 MG twice a day (12) hours apart from each dose. and my resting pulse is now in the 60's-70's..It used t... "

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