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Adderall is a brand name of amphetamine salts–based medication used for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is a brand-name psychostimulant medication composed of racemic amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, racemic amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharide, and d... Read more on Wikipedia

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By Aub job 1
March 23, 2014
Aub job 1 wrote
So I need some help I take adderal 20 mg not xr the salt one
But I take about four of them a day and I also take advil the little
Round orange ones I take those daily cause of my chronic pain neck back
So I woke up this morning from maybe only like five hours of sleep the last three days
And I took a addreal and this headache took over my body it hurt so bad in my rite side neck all up to my head and it felt like my eyes were going to pop out .. I have woke up with my hands swollen my feet swollen and my mouth is so dry it hurts on the side I also smoke a pack a day .. I also take vikeodone 500 mg at night to even me out .. But I'm so scared about my neck pain and my joint pains and my headaches .. What can b wrong w
Thank you chris
Aub job  |  April 16, 2014
You NEED WATER.... you should be drinking a TON of water and that is TOO much adderal a half of a 10 mg should do the job.
Kris  |  April 7, 2014
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By WhiteTigerGirl
March 8, 2014
WhiteTigerGirl wrote
Adderall causing me to smell
I've been on Adderall for years. 20mg twice a day. Recently I've noticed this weird chemical odor coming from me. I've never had this before. I thought it was just me till I found this. I had heard about meth causing you to smell bad but not Adderall. For 3 years I took the little round pink ones. But since I moved my pills are now orange and oval. It wasn't till I started the orange pills did this effect happen. I have to take several showers a day now, constantly apply deodorant. I eat and drink normally while on the med. Even though I'm not hungry I still eat because of my diabetes. I also drink plenty of fluids. I've called every pharmacy in town to try to get my pink pills back but everyone here only has the orange ones. I've tried every add med on the market and this is the only one that does any good for me. Is there anything that can be done to help it or am I doomed to smell terribly or bath every few hours forever? Help please!
I have an extreme increase of smell since taking Adderall. I can't have air fresheners in my house anymore since Adderall. I can smell the liter box that is on the other side of my apartment even if the cat has only used it once. I was writing with a sharpie the other day and I felt like I was going to pass due to how strong the smells seemed. It is really strange but not in your head.
$taceFace  |  April 11, 2014
No it's definitely not in your head. There are several other forums that discuss a distinct smell people can sometimes get while taking Adderall. I used to take the orange ovals and I get a weird odor with that one. When I take the circular blue ones...it makes my right armpit stink and sweat profusely. I'm not a sweaty person at all and I have NEVER had body odor issues until being on Adderall. My mother works for a doctor that helps people that have excessive body odor and excessive swea
Julie  |  March 13, 2014
I am pretty sure it is all in your head.. yes you may be sweating more, which is caused from the Adderall.. but yeah I would have to apply old spice plenty of times..then I just wore a tighter under shirt and I was fine.. I would be sweating my natural body odor.. and yes that made my worry that I smell like BO but nope! its all in your head... have a great day !
" TBI you know youd rather see me die than to see me fly"
mark$tar  |  March 11, 2014
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By Lost
January 8, 2014
Lost wrote
Adderall & opiated withdrawal
Where to start? I'm not really sure I know exactly but I haven't found a story remotely close to mine so I'm not too sure what I'm getting myself into but here it goes... So I have been on adderall for about 8 years.. My prescribed dosage is 90 mg/day. However, that monthly prescription only lasts me about a week at max. If I were to guess I would say I say I take around 300 mg a day. Terrible I know. On top of that I also abuse opiates... Usually oxy but occasionally otters if oxy isn't available. Again, if I had to guess I would say I prob take 30,g oxy IR 5 times a day. However, I hVe run out of my supply of both medications and know I need it get sober. I took 1 20mg adderall today and my 5mg of methadone yesterday morning. The day before that I took about 100mg of adderall and 10mg of methadone. Before that I was on my normal pattern of 200-300mg adderall and about 3-5 30mg oxy IR/day.

Any idea what kind of future is ahead off me?? How miserable will this be? Is it safe to go cold turkey like this? I already can't sleep, feel the cramping in my legs, hear my stomach rumbling, and am hot & cold. This is hell, any advice is welcomed. Thanks
Wow I can relate on the adderall part, my prescription only lasts me 7-8 days. If I feel like it's wearing off at all I take another (XR 30mg). I told my doctor at my next visit I want to try something else... After the monthly withdrawal of a week.. My house will be a disaster and I'll get it back to normal, feel like myself again, go to my doctor and go through it all again. I love how focused I get, and I'm able to do so much, yet I hate the feeling you get when you know your body needs food
Chelsea  |  March 4, 2014
Oh man, I feel you! I was on a methedone program for 3 years. I was put on adderall a few months ago. I FINALLY got off the program. Try Freefromhell.com. Lots of info and LOTS of support! I hated it, but I was lucky I had my withdraw in a new unfamiliar area, no connections, and not even a car or money any way. Day 4 was my peak. Try to sleep and if you can't just TRY and keep your mind active. Nothing straining, but off of the pain and sadness. KEEP A SENSE of humor! I recorded this really st
Katy  |  February 13, 2014
Yeah it's going to be a living hell for at least 7 to 10 days. Around day 6 you should start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember that if u make it couple or few days and decide u can't take it anymore and use....you will be starting all over and will have to ensure all of this again and each time from my experience it just gets worse. So stock up on water and Gatorade and ...vitamins help especially a multi vitamin, vitamin c, b12, melatonin for sleep, small doses of Xanax or
My works  |  January 17, 2014
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By TruthTeller
January 3, 2014
TruthTeller wrote
Personal study of Adderall
I've had symptoms of ADHD all my life, but personally I don't consider it to be a disorder. It's just a way to describe my personality. That being said, my family had always suggested I take something like Adderall so I could focus more on my (boring) schoolwork, and after school, so I could focus on my job. I've always taken it "as needed" and I have never become addicted to it. I purposely take a week off every now and then, most recently just last week. Some people I know couldn't do that, but I guess it differs from person to person. I would say that it's good to have for when you need it, but it's definitely not something you should take daily. When you take it daily, you lose weight, and become sluggish by the end of the day, and you will develop a chemical dependency on it. I get all the tame side effects, such as increased heart rate, temporary loss of appetite, a little bit of sweating, but none of this has negatively effected me, since I get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet. I wouldn't recommend Adderall for someone who doesn't have good self control, as it's the type of thing that will hurt you if you take too much.
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By hollographic
August 30, 2013
hollographic wrote
Solution to Bloating and Chest Tightness while on Adderall xr?
I started taking Adderall 15mg 5 days ago as my first prescription drug for ADHD. While on it I have experienced chest tightness which is very distracting late at night when you're trying to write an essay. This morning I ate a granola bar and coffee right before taking my Adderall. Since then I have experienced stomach bloating and a slight nausea feeling. Have you ever had a big glass of milk before going to sleep and when you toss and turn in bed you hear the milk shake? Well that's a more intense version of what I hear/feel when I move it certain positions right now, but haven't had anything to drink in the past hour. When I burp the tightness in my chest goes away and before taking Adderall burping was so rare. I've done plenty of research, I've realized Tums is a waste of time also the obvious-not to drink orange juice or soda. But I haven't found how to stop the tightness and bloating. I've realized Adderall has thrown off the acid levels in my stomach which gives me the bloating and possibly the tightness too but I haven't found how to fix it. So what if I found a supplement that brought my acids levels to the norm would that end up decrease the effectiveness of the Adderall??? Please help any insite would be helpful. If you have a similar story please share! Also im kinda freaking out because I read that this could me I have heart problems. I'm going to tell my doctor but what if she takes me of it... I would rather just deal with the pain.
This is way to obvious. Why in the world would somebody prescribe 15 mg to start. I started on 5 years ago and almost stopped because of somewhat similar stuff, no bloating. Many years later I take between 11-15 mg per dose after moving to 7, then 10 etc. With the 5mg when I started taking Magnesium and some other supps and eating much better the drug worked much better without the chest tightness etc. Its a strong drug and you need to have all the proper cofactors and nutrients to help regula
February 28, 2014
Along with what - j - has written , which is as good of advice as you'll find I can promise you that -- I just want you to understand that because you're now super focused symptoms you most likely had before taking the stimulant is now magnified. I suggest you read up on Candida and try Activia yogurt to balance out the good and bad ratio of 80 / 20 ( I think that's correct ) -- Now that you're taking this enhancement drug -- which is how I think of it -- you need to prepare your body for wh
K  |  February 12, 2014
I have tried almost all the pill forms of medicine for adhd and adderall works the best for me. It does however upset my stomach sometimes and my intestines because it is a strong stimulant. So I understand the feeling you are talking about. I agree that water is key with adderall since it can dehydrate you. So always lots of water with it and eating more veggies and fruit will help with your digestion. I wouldn't have coffee with it unless you are eating enough to help with the absorption rate
January 28, 2014
Not sure about the bloating, but you might avoid some chest tightness and anxiety by not drinking coffee with it; otherwise you're taking two stimulants (Adderall and caffeine) at the same time. If you still have chest tightness or anxiety, you might consider a beta blocker; 40 mg propranolol once or twice a day has been great for me. Of course, IANAD, and you should talk to yours.
Frank  |  January 19, 2014
Hey bub. Your "gastric motility" ground to a stand still. Basically, Adderall causes your body to shift blood used by your gusts to digest food to your skeletal muscle, preparing your body for action. Exercising and increases water intake can help here- as a matter of fact, they will probably be the fist thing your doc suggests. Otherwise he'll prescribe Reglan (which can cause permanent tremors in your hands) or Miralax. Water will reduce the bloating and gas too. Tums is ok if you hydrate.
j  |  December 16, 2013
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