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Other names: Zovirax, Acylovir
Method of use: Ointment, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Aciclovir (International Nonproprietary Name) or acyclovir (United States Adopted Name, former British Approved Name), chemical...
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Acyclovir for Herpes
22,414 conversations around the web about Acyclovir to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Acyclovir and compared it to other Herpes medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Acyclovir & Azithromycin

We found 50 discussions
" ...side effect of azithromycin. your immunity must ...have blisters. I would recommend you use acyclovir cream in addition and continue with valacyclovir for one week, you can stop azithromycin. h... "

" still taking Tindamax and Azithromycin now and only went off the Plaquenil because I wanted to try ...Acyclovir), the methylation supps and hormone replacement/support. I think that they all... "

" ...Famvir. I first took Valcyte for seven months ...a low dose. Then I took Acyclovir and did fine, and then was switched to Famvir. So I've been on ...and added pulsed IV Azithromycin in May. T... "

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" ...strange, but do you have any food allergies, or perhaps have a ...some new food additive? How long have you been on acyclovir and azithromycin? I am concerned about the... "

" ...went and got a comprehensive STD panel (HIV, ...I began to have clear, mucous urethral discharge, in very small amount. My doctor treated me with acyclovir, azithromycin and then metronidazole,... "

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" worker 2 days ago. I also performed oral sex on her (vaginal ). I don't recall seeing any ulcers at the time (can't be sure) and we both washed before and after intercourse . Obviously I have n... "

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" ...250 mg azithromycin to my protocol and ...about three months. I started yesterday adding the azithromycin 250 mg according to ...high dose. I was on 1200 to 1600 mg acyclovir and now he wants... "

" Quote: My liver issues weren't GvHD but most - for me, that's Azithromycin once a day, every day a vitamin). I was on Aciclovir up until the ~2-2.5 year... "

" ...tell them you have to pee before sex. raid medicine cabinet for: valcyclvior acyclovir azithromycin uhh hell any antibiotics or herp derp drugs. consult google via phone if... "

" ...down to 32 CD4 and am now up to 300. I am currently on Septra, Acyclovir, Azithromycin which I assume are for PCP, MAC, Shingles. Are any others recommended or... "

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