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Acupuncture + Torn Ligaments

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23 conversations around the web about Acupuncture + Torn Ligaments to help you make a decision
23 conversations around the web about Acupuncture + Torn Ligaments to help you make a decision
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Acupuncture & Torn Ligaments

We found 23 discussions
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" If it really is torn, there is no natural mending. Only surgery can repair torn ligaments. Acupuncture feels good too, but it is only analgesic. Only an MRI can really tell you what's going... "

" ...ranithax, I'm not sure if acupuncture would work for someone with a ligament tear. I'd be happy to ask ...over the phone. I have/had adductor tendinosis and the treatments have... "

" Torn ligaments do not heal, acupuncture, herbal treatment may help with pain, but that's probably ...success with knee surgery for torn ligaments, they got scoped and did... "

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" wants me to try acupuncture before trying surgery because it worked for his tendonitis. I really don't want needles at all! Does acupuncture heal torn ligaments? I tried looking i... "

" ...This will rule out torn ligaments/acl/menascus/arthritis/etc... If he is worth ...of the benefits of acupuncture. But if he balks ...controlled study done on acupuncture by the National I... "

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" ...42 years old. Four years ago I had a ligament tear (ACL) and meniscus injury, and last year I had it repaired through acupuncture. My MRIS came out to be pretty good. Then... "

" ...shoulder bone and rejoined the torn ligaments that had caused her to have a frozen shoulder. At the beginning after ...and lots of physio and acupuncture she is getting on really... "

" ...anyone had success with prolotherapy for chronic lower back pain? I am 32 ...l5, PT, chiropractic, acupuncture and still chronic ...attributes continued pain to torn ligaments and recommends... "

" I understand your pain Lizzie and discharged myself ...'did' was stick a few acupuncture needles in my arm and fortnightly treating my back (torn ligaments) in October. I can't take... "

" In august 2011 I had torn ligaments in my knee and had physio every week for ...After two weeks she asked if she could try acupuncture (she was trained in it and it was free... "

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