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Swollen Lymph Nodes

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(Enlargement of lymph nodes)
Lymphadenopathy is a term meaning "disease of the lymph nodes." It is, however, almost synonymously used with "swollen/enlarged lymph ...
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37,915 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
37,915 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
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Acupuncture & Swollen Lymph Nodes

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" the doctor today. He was concerned about his swollen lymph nodes. and sent us over to the lab to have how to do a lymph massage. She did acupuncture on him also. Tomorrow I am suppose t... "

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" ...for Acupuncture Tomorrow, who else has appointment today to have acupuncture tomorrow at a nearby chiropractic ...for another reason. I have permanently swollen lymph nodes that have re... "

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" ...just awful!!!! I told the receptionist where I take acupuncture and she reccomended the viles. You take them like ...were you! I now have swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. Have... "

" ...helps tremendously with swollen lymph nodes. i get lumps like ...of my skull. acupuncture has always ... "

" ...months, I have had swollen lymph nodes in various places (groin, ...that covers chiropractic and acupuncture and am doing chiropractic ...the insurance covers). Would acupuncture help? T... "

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" ...I was in middle school I started to get swollen lymph nodes. Under my neck, the crease of my groin, my ...I may be going for acupuncture in the near future, although... "

" ...Do you have access to acupuncture? I know it's been useful in treating cervical arthritis, though I'm not sure ...efficacy with regards to lymph ade... "

" ...and Rudy had his first acupuncture today. He supposedly tolerated it ...2. The vet noticed some swollen lymph nodes, so we're going to keep ...get any relief from the acupuncture, I think my ... "

" ...for 2 bands. I have been dealing with pain and numbness, as well as joint swelling/ pain, swollen lymph nodes and life-threratning blood clot ...providers (MDs and acupuncture) have been very... "

" Swollen lymph node beneath clavicle. Should I be ...I asked our Dr. of Acupuncture what he thought It may ...he said upon examination was swollen lymph nodes beneath the clavicle .Should I... "

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