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Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder defined as a morbid fear of having a panic attack or panic-like symptoms in a situation that is pe...
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75,069 conversations around the web about Agoraphobia to help you make a decision
75,069 conversations around the web about Agoraphobia to help you make a decision
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Acupuncture & Agoraphobia

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" ...feeling fine and the weird foggy head and anxiety was almost gone and I was able ...but it soon passes. The agoraphobia which was the worst thing ...I am still going to acupuncture once a wee... "

" ...was the day of my first panic attack tni king I was ...even though I have had panic anxiety agoraphobia all these yrs I never ...of meds I tried hypnossis acupuncture CBT counciloring phycoli... "

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" ...much of me as an agoraphobic. I've had it for 10 ...get support only to get frustrated. A family member told ...she said, I haven't tried acupuncture. I'm sorry, but is daily... "

" ...come out them but nothing g did I tried acupuncture EFT something called time line therapy it cost alit ...what was wrong I was agoraphobic are times and I have... "

" ...went through it.... agoraphobia. What helped me: 1. ...them pass..... 4. accept your anxiety/agoraphobia. Really accept it. 5. Learn ...such as this one. 8. Acupuncture helps me a lot... "

" ...before i had panic or agoraphobia, alternative health and trying things ...i didnt notice much from acupuncture or some of the other ...of the eastern things like acupuncture. If the person h... "

" ...walking and suddenly I'd get a sharp pain in my hip joint that pinned me ...I was 30. I had acupuncture which didn't help. regular visits ...seemed to help was developing agoraphobia and not ... "

" and developed into severe agoraphobia. At my worst I could ...weeks into the treatment with acupuncture and the herbs that I ...I really do recommend trying acupuncture and also the herb... "

" ...from a nervous breakdown to agoraphobia. But I havent just has helped me. Nor acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs or aromatherapy ...I'd say to anyone with agoraphobia or any anxiety disorde... "

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" ...depression, severe anxiety/panic/stress disorder and agoraphobia. I tried just therapy and ...for me to get off of xanax once I reach ...with the meds, maybe some acupuncture, and self help ... "

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