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Actinic Cheilitis

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Actinic cheilitis (also known as "Actinic cheilosis") is a form of cheilitis which is the counterpart of actinic keratosis of th...
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Common Actinic Cheilitis treatments discussed around the web
Efudex 15 Carac 13 Fluorouracil 3
102 conversations around the web about Actinic Cheilitis to help you make a decision
102 conversations around the web about Actinic Cheilitis to help you make a decision
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Actinic Cheilitis & Cancer

21.6% of the posts that mention Actinic Cheilitis also mention Cancer (22 posts)
Actinic Cheilitis
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" ...while I was in line at Costco today, lovely. At this point it's pretty blistered & getting crusty rather than just the open rawness. I'm hoping this signals the end of it? My next appointment is... "

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" bottom lip makes my whole lip ache. They are looking for cancer and precancer (actinic cheilitis) which would mean a chemo ...numerous times- I also had blistering burns many times- we... "

" I have had actinic cheilitis for over one costa ...the harsher creams as I am already worn out from pain and disability ...this disease. Seems like lip cancer easier to cure than thi... "

" RE: Actinic Cheilitis or worse? Help please!! Mickie, ...cancer, may start it again. Cancer is very hard on every, save one boy, had lost a parent to cancer. Now, more than 40... "

" ...happened. Nancy, please watch your actinic cheilitis; I had that two summers led to my lip cancer. If you're having Aldera or Efudex, you will have major burning,... "

" ...antural cures that worked it would be much appreciated.i cant seem to find any statistics on survival rates or progression of Actinic cheilitis into cancer. thanks.... "

" ...I looked on medline and googled around and thought - yeah - he's right! I think he was because he prescribed Aldara cream and it was horrible for a week and a half with the big reaction of peeling... "

" Do not take actinic cheilitis lightly! Thank God she ...the rest of you...GET YOUR ACTINIC CHEILITIS TREATED! Almost 20% of ...several accounts (at other cancer forums) of physicians mi... "

" ...cancer. That hasn't happened, but the condition has flared up all summer...even with liberal applications of sunscreen balm. Two weeks ago I tried Black Drawing Salve to see if that would take ca... "

" ...and long-standing (25 years) actinic cheilitis on my lower ...procedure that seems to have rid my lip of the actinic cheilitis. However, I still do ...the small lump is. Has anyone here had "

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