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Actemra is taken for: RA Inflammation


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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Tocilizumab (International Nonproprietary Name, or atlizumab, developed by Hoffmann?La Roche and Chugai and sold under the trade...
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Actemra for RA
1,661 conversations around the web about Actemra to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Actemra and compared it to other RA medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Actemra & Cost

We found 45 discussions
" ...chime in about the costly price of these meds...I am taking Actemra infusions at an infusion center ...over $12,000 for the complete cost of the medicine and the ...half doses and they cost o... "

" ...for Actemra I'm currently on Orencia and may be switching to Actemra if I can get coverage. ( I know Medicare covers the major cost of Orencia.) For those few of you on Actemra, is anyone being... "

" ...Rainbows, OHIP doesn't cover the cost of these drugs, however if ...with you to help sort out coverage. I have RA and currently take Actemra as well as Plaquenil. Good luck, let me know if you h... "

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" Have had 2 actemra infusions. Still feeling stiffness in ...(miracle drug; except for high cost) then it quit working. On ...try a 3rf infusion of actemra or not. Like the lower... "

" ...cancer and severe diabetes and since I stopped taking the pain killers two years ago, I can't muster the energy I had on them to ...pain and stiffness. The good news is my Dr. Is ceasing the Act... "

" ...taking Actemra ...I read the estimated cost of Actemra is $1,060 to $2,125 a month, depending on the dose.... "

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" ...have been some successes with Actemra for PMR recently. It's ...means that). If Actemra isn't suiting you your doctor. Actemra is an expensive drug while Prednisone is not. Perhaps ... "

" ...always nice to say goodbye to winter. I am back on the actemra infusions after a break. I am having them run each month, but small price to pay. I had a... "

" ...long have you been on Enbrel? Not only do ...about good results for the high price, or simply asking about efficacy? ...a choice between Orencia and Rituxan (Actemra wasn't yet availab... "

" ...I just found this article. If it is true, then Actemra release in the USA ...with more information on Actemra, a rheumatoid arthritis drug ...isn't likely to start selling Actemra until 2010.... "

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