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Acne vulgaris (or cystic acne) is a common human skin disease, characterized by areas of skin with seborrhea (scaly red skin), c...
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Common Acne treatments discussed around the web
Accutane 155,591 Benzoyl Peroxide 71,444 Retin A 27,914
1,660,532 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
1,660,532 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
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Acne & Orange Blossom

We found 29 discussions
" Hiya I do sympathise, having hormonal acne myself ( I don't think toner, or failing that, orange blossom water (which is more expensive... "

" ...warm water only. I have oily skin and I use the ...of the time. I use orange blossom water as a toner. It's ...OCM is safe even for acne sufferers. Contrary to popular belief,... "

" I also have sensitive, acne-prone skin, and I recently tried something I read about ...for you... Try the witch hazel, or try rose or orange blossom water. I've used all of these, with good result... "

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" ...a face mask for a teenage niece. She has a very bad case of acne. I would like some input or ideas that can ...could add aloe vera gel, orange blossom water or rose water and... "

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" ...Since then, I rarely get a pimple?once in a while when hormones ...with it). You can find rose water at any Middle ...there, grab a bottle of orange blossom water?fabulous in recipes! Somet... "

" ...not as effective on my acne. I only tried the Rose ...the Rose line (but she is allergic to ragweed so she why I use the Orange Blossom hydrosol (toner) instead of the... "

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" ...on skin tone and acne. I use it every ...found some organic honey with orange blossom and winco which works... "

" ...Alpha-H Tripple Action Cleanser Akin Orange Blossom and Chamomile Toner Clarins Younger ...Liquid Gold (on red headless pimple) Perfect Potion Rose Lip... "

" ...Simpons' Commodore X3 best '52 Canadian Tech Polsilver Sanborn's orange blossom a/s Grey Flannel EdT Not happy about an enormous pimple on my Adam's apple. 5 days it's been there.... "

" ...lip care Neutrogena power scrub acne strees Neutrogena carbon black mascare ...shine lip gloss ( full size) Neutrogena Sport face sunblock sample of Nivea orange blossom body wash Great... "

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