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(Depressed mood)
Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-b...
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Common Depression treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 73,414 Zoloft 73,061 Wellbutrin 63,222
6,763,405 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
6,763,405 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
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Acetylcholine & Depression

We found 678 discussions
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" ...acetylcholine linked to depression? When i take anticholinergics it seems to ease my depression. anticholinergics... "

" ...put too much pressure on acetylcholine - I got kind of depressed with too many acetylcholine potentiators/precursors/etc. Althought, Pyritinol is probably... "

" ...adrogenic effects..some people are complaining about depression after frequent consumption of ginger, due to increased acetylchol... "

" is what causes depression... youre desire, want and drive causes you to be depressed when you come up ...into gaba products and acetylcholine products instead. it wil... "

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" ...A 45-year-old woman has become increasingly withdrawn and depressed over the past month. She has anhedonia, decreased social interaction, ...likely affected? A. Acetylcholine B. Glutamate ... "

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" It is very interesting to me that Acetylcholine is implicated in Depression, but that there is also relatively little research into ...Choligenic it makes me feel depressed & sleepy....... I wish ... "

" Quote: Some people have ADD, for example. A chemical imbalance can mean low acetylcholine (ACh) levels in the brain. ...ADD can go undiagnosed. Depression meds can cause low... "

" I have a pseudocholinesterase deficiency, homozygous. I came upon ...25 years) is due to acetylcholine toxicity. There is no family ...dementia in my family. I do not have depression. ... "

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" ...alleviate dysthymia and/or treatment resistant depression, it doesn't sound like it's Perhaps you have some premature menopause going on, blood ...short for the neurotransmitters acet... "

" ...quite the brew. Go to and look up depression and getting off depression pills. He has a full program on getting off ...may need to boost your Acetylcholine. It might be a ... "

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