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Zoophilia, from the Greek language (z ion, "animal") and (philia, "friendship" or "love"), also known as '''zoosexu...
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30,313 conversations around the web about Bestiality to help you make a decision
30,313 conversations around the web about Bestiality to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bestiality

Accident & Bestiality

We found 33 discussions
" completely forbidden in the Torah (along with incest, bestiality, etc.). Why then do some people, such as yourself by no means an accident. G-d intentionally gave them that... "

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" ...were some kink activities including bestiality, polyamory, restraint, and spanking but ...had been in an accident, was hurt and having ...this selection? The, in your face bestiality and ... "

" ...people who lose them in accidents? Are you going to prevent ...behavior is \"normal\" or not? Quote: I'll grant you pedophilia and bestiality, but BDSM? C'mon! Next you'll be saying... "

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" ...could possibly find on the internet,\" Roth recalls. \"Something that went beyond the usual bestiality, skateboarding accidents or even those two Japanese girls vomiting into each other's mouths in... "

" ...including all types of S&M, humiliation, bestiality, fetishes, coprophagia and other stuff sick shit like decapitations and road accidents on some of the internet's... "

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" having a kick at causing accidents. It simply doesn't follow. I ...Again, however, I'd suggest a psychologist. Ugh. \"Bestiality\" and \"tighten\" in close proximity... "

" ...never had this kind of accident before.... And yes it does ...AND I'D JUST LIKE TO MAKE SOMETHING CLEAR! I am not into bestiality or animal abuse! Like i said just going to... "

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" ...apologize when something was an accident. If you hit someone's car ...lot of ground between comparing homosexuality to bestiality and lying about one's beliefs.... "

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" ...couple years ago, he was found dead in the bathtub. ...Seemed like a very weird 'accident'. I think homosexuality and all ...and world leaders, along with bestiality and paedophilia. I've... "

" Zoophilia appreciation thread My first time with him was quite an accident. One day I got home... "

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