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Abuse is the improper usage or treatment for a bad purpose, often to Distributive justice or improperly gain benefit. Abuse can come i...
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1,818,324 conversations around the web about Abuse to help you make a decision
1,818,324 conversations around the web about Abuse to help you make a decision
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Abuse & Confabulation

1.78% of the posts that mention Confabulation also mention Abuse (35 posts)
We found 35 discussions
" ...with \"patient has a history of confabulation and... "

" ...a person with dementia alleges abuse, fact has to be separated from confabulation without too much fear of ...her too intimately and making her feel uncomfortable/frightened/confused, have eithe... "

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" ...similar case, a child sex abuse case brought by the victim more than 20 years after the fact. The defence was one of confabulation and Mrs. Don said that likely that the abuse had taken pl... "

" .../ confusion. Pt had h/o EtOH abuse in the past but according to the family, pt had \"recovered\" from EtOH ...but over the course of couple of days, she got worse (worsening confusion... "

" ...of detainee abuse, saying the ...attacks. More He wants it out, he doen't want it out. He is suffering from confabulation. (confabulation... "

" ...from child abuse and confabulation. What do you know about and/or have experienced: 1. Confabulation as a defense mechanism ...of child abuse/trauma. 2. Confabulation to avoid mo... "

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" In terms of suggesting confabulation of parental sex abuse, this is most likely to ...why so many daughters reported abuse... "

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" ...not in the best taste to challenge the personal abuse narratives of other members on the public forum. I ...these points (such as about confabulation) are better made in an... "

Post from
" ...may have confabulation. Should not we ask in detail what is that \"abuse\" mean to t... "

" Quote: The author of \"Heart Attack\" is engaging in pure confabulation. While it is true that medical school can be ...sometimes appear callous, the level of abuse he claims to have sustai... "

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