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Absorbine Jr

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Taken for: Foot Pain, Blisters
Other names: Ben Gay, Absorbine, Icy Hot
Method of use: Ointment
Prescribing mode: OTC
W.F. Young, Inc. is a privately held American corporation based in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The corporation was founded in 1892...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Absorbine Jr & Athlete's Foot

26 discussions around the web mention both
Absorbine Jr
Athlete's Foot
We found 26 discussions
" ...who were his patients, use Absorbine Jr on the spots. Burned like h***, but cured the Ringworm. He also told our ...stopped fairly soon. The men and boys in my family cured Athlete's Foot with A... "

" After finding out how amazingly well Absorbine Jr. works on athletes foot, I decided to try it on a toenail that was showing a fungal infection. I did debride as much of the affected nail as I... "

" ...for others, but, I used Absorbine Jr on my athletes foot when I was a high ...It stopped it form itching the first time and the fungus was gone in a week. Never... "

" Absorbine Jr. The only thing that works against fungus for me. Whether foot or nail, ...or 3... "

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" ...told her that she had athlete's foot (just on that one foot). was that, since it wasn't itchy or peeling and it ...way for years. She used Absorbine Jr. for about 10 days and... "

" I've always used Absorbine Jr. for when I get athletes foot. It used to be... "

" ...Desenex powder. The fissures stung initially, but the itching and the smell began to fade almost immediately. Today, 20 years later, I continue this regimen several times a week and I have ?Poster... "

" ...soles of my feet and between my toes. I tried everything: Grisactin, griseofulvin, gentian violet, Clorox, Absorbine Jr., Tinactin (tolnaftate), Desenex liquid and powder, white socks, etc. In t... "

" ...a bottle of Absorbine Jr growing up in it was \"put a little Absorbine Jr on it\"! Mosquito bites, athlete's foot, toe fungus... ...old over-the-counter fungal cream, like Lamisil. ... "

" ...remedy available to my family 60 years ago was absorbine jr for athletes foot. It stung like a hot poker but always cleared... "

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