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abscess is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue in which the pus resides due ...
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Common Abscess treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 915 Cipro 696 Amoxicillin 665
81,000 conversations around the web about Abscess to help you make a decision
81,000 conversations around the web about Abscess to help you make a decision
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Abscess & Oregano Oil

We found 48 discussions
" ...idea i've ever heard. oregano oil BURNS. i have a ...tea tree oil also has burning sensation. i would not stick either of those on an absces... "

" I had an abscess I treated with essential oils that took care of it in a ...of clove,tea tree and oregano oil. Had to apply it... "

" The fistula has a huge abscess that is making it difficult ...sitz bath (with salt & oregano oil) would help me to at ...any experience with applying the oregano oil directly to the abscess... "

" ...a natural alternative to drugs like cipro, pathogens can't adapt to it and the immune system seems to know how to use it. I used a lot of the stuff for a while. I had a fistulized abscess that... "

" (sandblasting) I'll develop an abscess somewhere from oral bacteria that ...(Vitaminshoppe) dissolve directly over the abscess. It burned a bit and ...24 hours the abscess was GONE .... "

" Oregano oil for a fistula doesn't sound ...but when it comes to abscesses, fistulas, or other complications well ...modern medicine after all.. My last abscess was very similar in... "

" ...thing happened to me today regarding dental health...I have an abscess on my tooth that started over the was ...ACV added in and added Oregano Oil to it. Within 10 minutes... "

" ...very strong oregano oil. The abscess had a small flare and ...and experimenting. I am not disappointed that the abscess busted open again. have tissues in place to prevent bleed t... "

" ...A 150 mg gelcap of Oregano Oil will dissolve quite nicely without ...even for a grizzled old veteran like me. I did use a 450 mg cap to get rid of an abscess about two years ago and it was an ex... "

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" ...I had an abscess several times ...back...drainage... The drainage came back again and I decided to get it pulled hoping that would cure the infection... It ...pulling with oregano oil but n... "

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