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abscess is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue in which the pus resides due ...
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Common Abscess treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 915 Cipro 694 Amoxicillin 662
80,935 conversations around the web about Abscess to help you make a decision
80,935 conversations around the web about Abscess to help you make a decision
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Abscess & Eruption

We found 46 discussions
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" ...boil like eruption @ nape of neck now .... (see prior posting stich abscess infection) Now have a similar boil-like eruption at the hairline near of the stitch abscesses along the incisio... "

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" ...due to eruptions. Wherever is the pimple, boil, carbuncle, abscess like eruption, Silica works there. It will activate the eruption again and drain and clean the ducts, capillaries and... "

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" ...if she's not complaining, it probably is just a normal process of tooth eruption. True abscesses or other infections most likely would cause pain, perhaps fever, and I think... "

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" What comes to mind is some kind of eruption (allergy?), perhaps a cyst, or a developing abscess. Either wait and watch until it is more clear... "

" ...may be due to the abscess developed with erupting wisdom teeth. ...flap overlying has to be removed to enhance tooth eruption. Maintain good oral hygiene. Apply anaesthtic gel on the... "

" available for teeth eruption,the flap overlying teeth has ...removed to enhance teeth eruption. if proper teeth eruption is not possible,it has due to the abscess develped at the... "

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" ...most likely she has an abscess post tooth exfoliation while the ...all her permanent teeth forming and alined properly for eruption. Also she is very young to have extensive dental... "

" ...there , you are suffering from pericoronitis that is inflammation ...odou,bacterial infection and in turn abscess formation. Rinse your mouth regularly ...expose the tooth for eruption. i hop... "

" ...apical infection as well as abscess formation,tooth has to be root canal treated and abscess has to be drained completely. available for tooth eruption. Periodontially infected tooth h... "

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" Abscesses can indeed be serious, but the issue that Toughguy ...would have followed the vein and you would have pain all the way down to the eruption site. You either have a zit (plenty of more... "

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