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Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy (mammals) at any stage that does not result in birth medically, abortion is typically...
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Common Abortion treatments discussed around the web
Cytotec 8,457 Misoprostol 1,485 Mifepristone 1,029
972,713 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
972,713 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
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Abortion & Garlic

We found 59 discussions
" ...recipe for abortion? You mean your chili garlic shrimp? Oh no... "

" ...together, and you'll feel better, and look trimmer ...or serrenopepper, lightlysauteed with garlic in olive oil. Add ...meals. And it's abortion pill abortion pill online p... "

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" you guys are like garlic to a Vampire. I don't ...guys look at the mirror big time because she is against abortion? I'm surprised at you Jill, you seem like a... "

" ...If you had had the abortion, you would probably be dealing ...telling them their dog had cancer. Not fun. As soon ...beans, spices, balsamic vinegar and garlic topped off with parmesagn che... "

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" ...US, my worry is that re-classifying as something that affects \"people\" rather than women shifts the Overton Window so that allowing others other than the person actually having the abortion a... "

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" ...mess - chips, yiros meat, garlic sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce. It looks like an abortion (or what you'd expect an abortion to look like) and thus... "

" ...diced tomatoes sauteed in garlic and various sea food) ...We argued about God, abortion, Capital punishment, and busines... "

" ...tangent about Gay marriage and abortion, instead. Left wingers and facts ...quite similar to vampires and garli... "

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" polio Bob's abortion clinic, no foetus can beat ...4 mushrooms 1/2 pepper 1/4 garlic 1 onion pasta shells canned... "

" ...Polish girl considered getting an Abortion because she didn't think the ...their Hands? Because of the Garlic, they can't stand each others... "

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