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Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy (mammals) at any stage that does not result in birth medically, abortion is typically...
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Common Abortion treatments discussed around the web
Cytotec 8,454 Misoprostol 1,484 Mifepristone 1,026
972,257 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
972,257 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
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Abortion & Cinnamon

We found 49 discussions
" Like myself I had a 3 week abortion the bleeding will give you cramps it's fairly normal. An abortion is like a menstrual period. ...fade out . But drink cinnamon tea the natural spice sticks... "

" ...story behind one of your scars? Most of them are ...strongly enough about to protest? Abortion, gun rights, women's rights, gay ...smell reminds you of home? Cinnamon apple candles every ye... "

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" ...Posted by Cinnamon Life Somewhat agreed. Saying is arguing that. I am arguing that birth control and abortion can reduce the suffering of ...make birth control and abort... "

" ...of taking the abortion pill can vary ...every couple months. It's hard to imagine that that would be preferable to using some type of birth control, for any woman. But an abortion every couple y... "

" akin to a do-it-yourself abortion. So studying it would be ...D&C, was scared of the cytotec pills, but was having no ...don't recall seeing anything on cinnamon then but I can find... "

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" ...GET pregnant! Feel free to have your beliefs about abortion, etc. Many women on here ...low-carb/good-carb diet, exercise, and Metformin (or Cinnamon, the herbal alternative!). For many... "

" before. Sorry about the abortion story. It hurts to hear ...acupuncturist suggested I add fresh cinnamon to my diet, since it ...body temp. ( I have a very low body temp). My post ovula... "

" ...They hate cytotec for 24 week abortion a href=\" abortion' target =... "

" goes to cinnamon toast crunch. Ya'll are crazy. buy cytotec for 24 week abortion a href=\" abortion' target = '_blank'\"abortion... "

" ...stimulates the uterus and could easily help induce an abortion and reduce the pain ...the induction of an abortion. You can instead take cinnamon supplements as these ar... "

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