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Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy (mammals) at any stage that does not result in birth medically, abortion is typically...
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Common Abortion treatments discussed around the web
Cytotec 8,468 Misoprostol 1,511 Mifepristone 1,044
981,760 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
981,760 conversations around the web about Abortion to help you make a decision
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Abortion & Celery

We found 26 discussions
" ...sticks or messed up celery? Also, I agree that a very inspirational abortion pill abortion pill online purchase abortion... "

" ...that are on that list: abortion AZT baby food bottled water for women casual sex celery chewing gum chloramphenicol ect. ... "

" ...sheese sticks or messed up celery? Also, I agree that Spirit cytotec for 24 week abortion a href=\" read' target = where can you buy the abortion... "

" ...not taking a nap\" \"my passion is to end all abortion\" like way overstimulated reactions to things.. almost manic. I adore and stalk c... "

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"'re still hungry Spade? Do you think you are getting enough protein? Though you are to ...levels. The quantity of celery matters, yep, but it ...Haggis pizza is an abortion, all wrong a... "

" know eating to much celery can cause an abortion in pregnant women but I... "

Post from
" ...see the funny. There was me thinking that the \"but abortion is aborting a baby from a womb !!!11\" comments ...\"got it\" at all..... my bad. Celery, a bit nutty, hard to... "

" the ground, etc etc. Celery have hearts. etc etc. And ...That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about abortion. I didn't say a heartbeat always means life. I... "

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" ...surprise! i'm having a baby thread?? yup, turns into abortion turns into barack and hilary a thread about piece of celery turns into food production turns into barack and hilary... "

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" ...never heard anything bad about celery but parsley is used to induce menstruation which can be a euphinism for inducing abortion. I would look into using parlsey to induce menstruation... "

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