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Stomach Pain

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(Stomach ache)
Abdominal pain (or stomach ache) can be one of the symptoms associated with transient disorders or serious disease. Making a def...
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Common Stomach Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 3,835 Ibuprofen 3,306 Morphine 2,523
600,158 conversations around the web about Stomach Pain to help you make a decision
600,158 conversations around the web about Stomach Pain to help you make a decision
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Stomach Pain & Malabsorption

1.34% of the posts that mention Malabsorption also mention Stomach Pain (538 posts)
Stomach Pain
We found 538 discussions
" ...remember I was on lexapro klonopin and ...infection. I didnt have stomach pain but I did have some malabsorption symptoms. Im off wheat and dairy. Im now having stomach pains becaue of all the... "

" ...regret! I have had problems with malabsorption and left upper quad abdominal pain many times. Vitamin b12 deficient and took b12 sublingual. Got toxic on B12 and developed terrible... "

" ...done- parathyroid, calcium in my blood, malabsortion, thyroid. I can ...they will have muscle or stomach pain.... "

" ...the tests done- parathyroid, calcium in my blood, malabsortion, thyroid. I can take Fosamax but some people cannot ...will have muscle or stomach pain. shirley... "

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" ...those of you who are pancreatic sufficient still suffer with malabsorption of tummy pains. I am presuming not but she ...sweat test Monday. She has bad stomach pains but also has clubbing and... "

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" the missing link? I am just so frustrated because my stomach hurts every single day. I only I know I have malabsorption issues. All this plus my... "

" ...physical in September--I had a stomach ache all the time and had some bowel issues plus extreme fatigue. My WBC was ...DR. figured I was having malabsorption issues(not getting the... "

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" ...else? My eldest has been gluten-free since December his stool and malabsorption seemed to have resolved but his severe gut pain never did - a biopsy found it was gastritis,... "

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" abdomen and suffered indigestion some 6 to this illness.I have developed malabsorption due to increase in ...get absorped.Sometimes I feel intense abdominal pain. There is always irr... "

" ...and pain. I also have quite a few food allergies that cause the same allergic to, my bloating and stomach pains went away. I went to an ...etc). I also have fructose malabsorption wh... "

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