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(Has tingling sensation)
Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Tingling treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 2,841 Lyrica 2,284 Gabapentin 1,768
473,884 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
473,884 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
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Abdominal Hysterectomy & Tingling

We found 25 discussions
" ...reminder I had a full abdominal hysterectomy - I have a question about tingling pains iny abdominal area -... "

" ...week after abdominal hysterectomy One week since I've ...tract alittle and experiencing some tingling around wombs and swollen ...Off pain meds taking motrin a... "

" ...19 days ago I had abdominal Hysterectomy only remove uterus and cervix ...been doing good I had gas and getting bloated every ...that my right leg has been tingling only when I'm laying down... "

" ...months later? I had an abdominal hysterectomy, still numb around incision, however, I have kind of tingly tenderness above (about 2 inches) ...was mentioned, but with my adhesion rate, don't kno... "

" ...have been told by doctor and sisters that the tingly, numbish feeling in lower abdomen is normal. They said it's because ...severed when you have an abdominal hysterectomy and it takes a long... "

" All over tingling? Hi! My name is Toni. ...week since I had an abdominal hysterectomy. I elected to keep both ...are normal. I have the tingling sensation all over my body. The same... "

" my pcp who gave me oxybutynin (Ditropan) It helped, a ...go and still I feel the warm tingling sensation going down my left leg. ...9 years after a successful abdominal hysterectom... "

" ...hysterectomy. Tingling in tongue, dizziness, ...getting worse, I have a numb tingling feeling in my tongue , have a dizzy blury heavy feeling in my head and have dizzy spells and heart palpitati... "

" ...time posting. Had a partial abdominal hysterectomy on Feb. 2, removed only ...ovaries and cervix. I had 3 large fibroids. The largest was the ...days post op. I have tingling in my abdomine w... "

" ...12-15-03. I had an abdominal hysterectomy but keep my ovaries. I too am having trouble sleeping. I have not ...I have had a tingling, prickling feeling since ...sore and had more than usual p... "

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