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Abdominal Hematoma

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Ask a question
(Intra abdominal haematoma)
93 conversations around the web about Abdominal Hematoma to help you make a decision
93 conversations around the web about Abdominal Hematoma to help you make a decision
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Abdominal Hematoma & Surgery

We found 46 discussions
" ...2007. Since then I have been readmitted twice for fever and chills. They diagnosed me with a abdominal hematoma from the surgery which caused infection in the... "

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" the same doctor two weeks apart. I had a complication - abdominal hematoma that required an additional emergency surgery. Dixieemom, it doesn't mean that it will happen to... "

" ...experience ...Today was diagnosed with a large abdominal hematoma. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery. This explains why i had ...a blood transfusion after my surgery. I am in moder... "

" ...was weighed a the next day post-op! I'm having some complications with an abdominal hematoma, but 12 pounds? I'm 6 days post op and not even back to my surgery date weight yet? I'm not... "

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" ...very happy with the end result, but I had a complication - abdominal hematoma that brought me back to the hospital for an emergency surgery. It is all behind me now, but first month... "

" ...are going through this. Like you, I too had a abdominal hematoma. Mine is slowly absorbing, it's been 4 months since I had my surgery. I go back in June... "

" in your prayers. M-I-L holding her own since discharge from hospital for abdominal hematoma last month. But mother has been Duke Unv. Medical for surgery on Monday. Also- daughte... "

" the forum after surgery....... After all went well ...wondering about anyone else's experiences of abdominal hematoma. it's not painful - just ...time and now feeling rather depressed abo... "

" ...are gone! I still have pain in my r lower side they tell me it is a abdominal hematoma caused by intwernal trauma and ...I tried tell my surgery he said it will take time. Take some Aleve. And ... "

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" ...all the questions answered. I was discharged with abdominal hematoma - the hospital staff told ...alive and had an emergency surgery to suck out 4 liters and hope that your pain subsid... "

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