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(Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)
AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the HIV (HIV). The illness interferes with the immune system making people wi...
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Common AIDS treatments discussed around the web
Atripla 3,523 Truvada 2,981 Antiretroviral 2,170
887,768 conversations around the web about AIDS to help you make a decision
887,768 conversations around the web about AIDS to help you make a decision
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AIDS & Stomach Cramps

0.13% of the posts that mention Stomach Cramps also mention AIDS (143 posts)
Stomach Cramps
We found 143 discussions
" ...oesophagus, diarrhea, chest pain, stomach cramps. Cure for symptoms? I have inflammation of the stomach the ER for stomach cramping. I ve had an ...that if I had HIV my gastroentrologis... "

" ...manages to convince themselves they are HIV positive suffers. I know almost certainly my stomach cramps and digestive transit has/is massively ...fear, the first being HIV obviously, is that thi... "

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" ...Diarhea HIV? If you exercise a ...would that mean you have HIV... "

" ...high my risk is for HIV. I have been having sex is high risk for hiv. I have been using protection ...I was conjested in the evening. I also had bad stomach cramps.. I had to call in si... "

" ...HIV caused via the contact ...such as stomach cramps and other stuff are not from HIV infection, HIV takes 1-2 year to establish its reign, so the symptoms may be from some other infection like... "

" ...scared all the time and then I still have this low grade fever. I had stomach cramps, cold sweats and loose bowels ( sorry tmi ) ...thought it could be something HIV related. My dr laughs it... "

" ...1 day too soon for HIV symptoms? yesterday i had anal though i started feeling stomach cramps and back aches. i checked ...takes several weeks for acute HIV symptoms to show up. ... "

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" hiv what are my chances? ...constant worrying that i have caught hiv !! dont know anything ...and gonherea .no herpes ..etc does anyone know what the odds are that i got hiv ??? im very very... "

" ...thus the spotting. I had bad stomach cramps as well. Dont be too ...reached my 2nd tri, spotting just stopped! Sasa de mouse: Yah, ...test for blood count and HIV in dec 07. I did... "

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" ...what the risk with the HIV? The HIV meds won?t stay down?I?ve had ...lost 25lbs in the last month?180 to 155 I have been having severe stomach cramps that last for hours upon hours, day after ... "

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