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(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD) is a developmental disorder. It is primarily charact...
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Common ADHD treatments discussed around the web
Adderall 42,906 Ritalin 36,318 Concerta 20,695
786,832 conversations around the web about ADHD to help you make a decision
786,832 conversations around the web about ADHD to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating ADHD

ADHD & Adrenal Insufficiency

0.27% of the posts that mention Adrenal Insufficiency also mention ADHD (28 posts)
Adrenal Insufficiency
We found 28 discussions
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" ...that it is \"epinephrine.\" What kind of affect does this have on those with adrenal insufficiency? Is it anything like ADHD amphetamines? Thank you. Post edited by: compnet, at:... "

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" ...anti-pharmaceuticals though, and Ambien (Zolpiderm) was great for me for a good 2 years. I ...question, and yea, ADHD could definitely be ...cause. In my experience adrenal insufficiency was... "

" I was misdiagnosed with AD/HD for many years, but I actually had ...all the criteria for an AD/HD diagnosis (until I started showing ...often mistaken at first for AD/HD. I would estimate that a... "

" ...DS has also been diagnosed with ADHD and takes medication for it. school. DD was recently diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency due to the high dose ...asthma component to her CF. So she... "

" ...concerned that my ragey, hyperactive Type A personality could ...hypocortisolemia\" and I do have a history of hyperactivity of the adrenal glands ...tend to suffer from hypoadrenalism... ... "

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" ...can be overlooked. I actually have adrenal insufficiency so I take some meds ...your pituitary gland. I also have hypothyroidism and have had to ...chemistry project on top of having ADHD, an... "

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" ... very low calcium/mag and very high potassium/sodium. This is a sign of adrenal insufficiency, which leads to hyperactivity as adrenaline is used in place of cortisol. Things to do are avoid... "

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" ...thyroid problems. I had read around on fatigue and wanted to ...a severe sleepless and hyperactive problem the week after ...known for many years that I had adrenal insufficiency (but cluele... "

" ...& Adrenal Insufficiency Would Wellbutrin be contraindicated with adrenal insufficiency that's currently being treated... "

" ...maybe ADHD with Co-morbid GAD, hypogonadism, and/or thyroid/adrenal hypofunction. Also, weight gain is... "

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