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(Child attention deficit disorder)
Common ADD treatments discussed around the web
Adderall 30,829 Ritalin 20,643 Strattera 9,550
482,932 conversations around the web about ADD to help you make a decision
482,932 conversations around the web about ADD to help you make a decision
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ADD & Mental Disability

We found 85 discussions
" ...I have Bi-polar 2, PTSD, and traits of ADD. So its in reality a mental disability but sometimes... "

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" ...not too many people get disability on ADD alone - the process of is harder with a mental disability than it is a physical... "

" ...variations but she has a mental impairment and ADD. Her subscores were ...have trouble focusing? Could ADD play a part in that he can't focus long enough to get the stuff int... "

" ...figured he had a mental impairment of some sort, but ...has dyslexia and ADD, m... "

" Military doesn't allow anyone with a mental disability, and especially anyone who needs to take Rx medication. Thankfully my ADD is not too bad and... "

" ...have its assistance? Vyvanse isnt a joke edit: but yea your regular doctor as far as I know. My friend had to see a therapist though for insurance purposes. He has sever ADD though and some... "

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" ...we go from this to every second kid having an \"attention deficit disorder\" and an SNA by their side? I can understand a child with a physical or mental disability having an SNA - they... "

" ...lesbian mormon, a amputee Baptist, a Catholic with a mental disability, etc, etc, etc. The OP is a ridiculous statement. ...a christian/mormon because I have ADD, or I'm a female, or... "

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" I have ADD, thats genetic of course, and theres nothing wrong with function normally. Im not saying homosexuality is a mental disability or that people that are gay have any less... "

" ...the way, a lot of kids that have diagnosed with ADD DON'T have ADD, or even if they do, its not their primary school from a suspected mental disability, and the school has agreed... "

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